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Innovative Partnership Paves the Way for Spreading Environmental and Sustainable Change.

Hi-Tec and I’m Not Plastic Join Forces for a Sustainable Future: Refill and Recycle!


Hi-Tec and I’m Not Plastic have joined forces for a greener future, and inspire consumers to live an eco-conscious lifestyle through adopting "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Refill". This powerful movement motivates households and businesses to stride towards a cleaner future, breaking free from single-use plastics.

I’m Not Plastic is an organisation that fully embodies this ethos and has introduced innovative ways of living sustainably. Their mission is to encourage households and businesses to embrace a future free of single-use plastics. Through innovative technology, through recycling plastics into more sustainable or compostable materials that will benefit the environment.


Hi-Tec wholeheartedly supports this pursuit of a sustainable future, recognizing the collective responsibility we have in making eco-friendly decisions. Through the Hi-Tec One initiative, the company is dedicated to meeting sustainability goals, reducing carbon emissions, and minimizing their environmental impact.

The Hi-Tec and I’m Not Plastic collaboration is focused on providing an environmental and cost-effective solution to consumers through bottle "refilling." By actively participating in this initiative, consumers become part of the solution, spreading a positive narrative through various avenues. Hi-Tec aims to become a recognisable brand integrated into people's everyday authentic lives, making sustainable choices easier and more accessible.


This partnership will raise awareness around the negative impacts of single-use plastic and encourage consumers to embrace bottle refilling as a step towards a sustainable future and what it really means to become part of the solution:

• Every time you refill the bottle you prevent a Single Use Plastic bottle getting into the environment.

• Every time you refill the bottle your water in the bottle is 10 times cheaper, therefore, it is truly sustainable in terms of environment and economically.

• It is the easiest, cheapest and most effective way to do a beach cleanup.

The collaborative effort will be activated at the Pretoria Hi-Tec store in the Grove Mall, using a water purification system produced by the company. Consumers will have the opportunity to fill up their bottles, contributing to a plastic-free future and addressing water scarcity concerns, while enjoying purified mineral water.


Shop the two available options, the white cobranded bottle retailed at R149.00 each and the black cobranded bottle retailed at R199.00 each at selected Hi-Tec stores.


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