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Introducing the NEW Novella and Co Signature Ponytail Extensions and Clip-in-Sets.

Step out with confidence with Novella and Co’s high-quality, long-lasting, affordable, easy, hassle free and convenient signature ponytail extensions and clip-in-sets.

Novella is a proudly South African brand which strives to help you achieve gorgeous hair in seconds. The Novella ponytail extensions and clip-in-sets seamlessly blend into your natural hair and thanks to the style memory technology of Novella, your ponytail will remain either curly, wavy or straight both post wear and wash for up to 12 months!

Each strand of fibre is heat and flame resistant (up to 170 degrees), which means you can flat-iron and curl your ponytail to achieve any look and style.

For those who want length and volume, but don’t want to commit to costly hair extensions, Novella and Co has something just for you. Available for only R995.00 and in a variety of textures and shades, Novella and Co’s clip-in-sets are your go to for when the occasion

calls for something new! Novella’s ponytails never lose their style, vibrancy and health. With proper care and maintenance, your ponytail will always return to its original form. This range is versatile, low-maintenance and easy to use when you want to add some extra volume or create a protective style that matches your natural hair texture. No need for harmful glue or bonding agents. Simply clip in as desired and instantly remove once done without causing any damage to your hair.

Adored by the likes of Cindy-Nell Roberts, Rolene Strauss, Kiki La Coco and Shashi Naidoo, Novella and Co’s clip-in range is the latest in beauty innovation. Their range of ready-to-wear ponytail extensions boast revolutionary technology of synthetic fibre that behaves like real hair allowing you to style it as if it were your own hair.

Not only is the Novella and Co range affordable, high in quality and safe for your hair, but the packaging is also recyclable, and the hair can be safely housed and restored in its premium packaging. Did we mention that their signature collection of clip-in-sets and ponytail extensions are also vegan and cruelty-free? Now you can really rock your hair with confidence and ease!

With Novella and Co, beauty lovers gain the freedom to switch up and elevate their hair, while saving you both time and money. Simply clip in and achieve your desired style in seconds. Prices start at just R995.00 each. Novella and Co is available online at here.


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