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It's a Greenlight for the Luxury destination Villa Verte development.

Tucked away in the hills of Hout Bay are two serene properties that offer the ultimate

escape from it all –Villa Maison Noir and its brand-new neighbour, Villa Verte. These

luxurious contemporary villas, built on the mountainside, are like a home away from

home for guests and offer slightly different propositions for getaways, events and

extended holidays. The overarching theme, however, is recharging in one of Cape

Town’s most picturesque settings.

The properties are owned by design-and-entrepreneur power duo Jim Brett (of

Anthropologie and West Elm fame) and Ed Gray (who previously owned a luxury

home furnishings store in Philadelphia by the name of Bruges Home). The American

couple first began coming to South Africa to export South African craft to the US and

fell in love with the country. “We loved the people we met, the culture, the food and

we were awestruck by the beauty of the landscape,” explains Brett. They put down

roots and found the perfect spot in Hout Bay, where a blue gum forest on the back

side of Table Mountain had been cleared and where the expansive property cluster

that makes up Villa Maison Noir sits.

Now expanding the brand further, they’ve created a new private residence on an

adjacent property, which is connected to Villa Maison Noir by expansive gardens and

is also a secluded mountain retreat. Villa Verte will extend the combination of luxury

amenities and exquisite location. “We really enjoyed building the brand and wanted to

keep extending the business. There used to be an old 1970s house on the property

when we bought it, and we knew we could build something better in its place to

complement Villa Maison Noir next door,” says Brett.

Enveloped by trees, Villa Verte will offer the same level of style and soul that Villa

Maison Noir does, in a slightly different package. “We hope that people will come to

this magical place and feel like they are living in a tree house, with endless views of

the mountains and nature all around them,” says Gray.

Following the same concept of a ‘village’ of structures as opposed to a single

dwelling, Villa Verte has five peaked roofs, reiterating the five elements which are

ever present throughout the entire homestead. The circular backbone of the house

echoes the circular motif found throughout Villa Maison Noir. “We use curves and

circles throughout the entire property as nothing in nature is square or rectangular,

even at its most cellular form. Even the furnishings have many round shapes and

curved edges. We love everything that the circle represents: equality, inclusivity,

unity, sustainability and of course the circle of life,” Gray explains.

“When we first bought Villa Maison Noir, we loved the way the original architect,

Poalo Deliperi, had brought the concept of the African ‘kraal’ to life. He

recommended architect Thomas Leach to help us manifest our vision for the new

Villa Verte,” says Gray. He notes Thomas’s unique ability to approach the project

with acknowledgment of the surrounds, as well as creating something truly

exceptional in terms of design. “Many others would have proposed something

overpowering; but Thomas managed to create something totally original, yet that

referenced Villa Maison Noir,” he continues.

Additionally, Villa Verte will demonstrate the same passion for design that Brett and

Gray have added to Villa Maison Noir since they took ownership - the eclectic mix of

art and design gives it global appeal as well as local relevance. “We’ve always

travelled the world, looking for unique products that could help people express their

personal style at home,” states Brett. “Your home is your story - and yes - it’s told

through the architecture and the interior design; but, most importantly it’s about your

soul shining through. There is a shortage of truly authentic luxury experiences at

affordable prices. We believe that both our properties - the existing and the new –

combined with our amazing people create an experience that is unparalleled in Cape


Villa Verte is now open for pre-bookings and will officially launch on 5 March 2020.

For 2020 Villa Verte reservations please contact:

Michelle Snaddon from Perfect Hideaways on

OR visit:

Connect with Villa Verte and Maison Noir on the following platforms:


Facebook: @VillaMaisonNoir

Instagram: @villamaisonnoir

Twitter: @VillaMaisonNoir

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