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Kayla-Tess Pattenden is the founder of The National Medical Frontliners Counselling Line (NMF).

What started out as counselling support for a small group of medical frontliners at Tygerberg Hospital has grown into a National Medical Frontliners Hotline!

NMF have hospitals from across SA inquiring as to the use of the hotline for their staff. NMF are excited about this growth but are also conscious that we need to ensure its sustainability!

NMF have worked tirelessly to develop a sustainable structure that consists of a diversity of counsellors from all across SA, taking shifts. All counsellors have gone through rigorous training and screening and are equipped to counsel FOR FREE via any online or cellular platform.

Unquestionably, exposure to the line is essential and so we are looking to partner with traditional media, online media and radio stations across SA to share the line widely.

We have a specific need for male and multilingual counsellors. NMF would also like to extend the offer for help beyond the major hospitals to whom we are contracted.  We would like to access smaller healthcare facilities and your broadcasting will assist in communicating that we are ready and willing to support nationwide medical facilities.

Of paramount importance for a sustainable project, NMF would like to link with cellular companies to make the line tollfree and a call for support from the media would go a long way in achieving this objective.

Kayla- Tess is available via the hotline for further queries in this regard.

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