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Keep your cool this Summer with dw eleven - 13 and their perfect non-alcoholic Summer drink.

Summer in South Africa is synonymous with spending time outdoors with your loved ones, eating succulent summer fruits, spending time in the water whether it be in your backyard pool or by the sea and simply enjoying the beautiful

weather. Fine dining restaurant, dw eleven - 13 is pleased to share their in-house recipes

for the perfect non-alcoholic Summer drink – a refreshing booze-free beverage to help you

cool off on those scorcher hot days.

Sage Pineapple

50ml Fresh Pineapple juice,

4 sage leaves,

20ml symmetry spice tonic (kapokbos, coriander and cloves)


* Toast sage leaves with a blow torch

* In your shaker add the spice tonic and 3 of your toasted sage leaves. Muddle the

leaves to extract oils and flavour from the leaves

* Add fresh pineapple juice

* Add ice to the shaker and close. Then shake vigorously to mix well for at least


* Immediately pour into your serving glass and place your last toasted sage leaf on

top of the white foam as garnish

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