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KISS Nails and Lashes Has You Covered.

It doesn’t matter if you want to hop onto a trend, shake it up with a spontaneous new look or try and re-capture that Pinterest perfect moment – Kiss Nails and Lashes always have you covered. And now with Kiss’s new nail designs and ultra-easy (yet just as luxurious!) lashes, there is no need to leave the glitz and glamour in summer.

Kiss has revolutionized the lash game this season with new Magnetic Lashes. With no glue, no adhesive and no hassle, the secret behind these miracle lashes is its game-changing Magnetic Liner and double strength magnets embedded into each lash.

But how easy is it really? Well, simply use the Magnetic Liner over your lash line and gently apply the Magnetic Lashes over. Your new solution to every past lash application curse is as easy as LINE, LASH, DONE! Get excited for your ‘get-up’ every day with this adjustable, durable and flawless false lash held either by a slim line for understated eye definition or a bold cat eye for a statement – your choice!

The Magnetic Lash and Magnetic Liner can be bought separately or together in a kit for your convenience. RSP: R379.95

Lashes sold separately: R229.95

Magnetic eyeliner: R249.95

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