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L'OR's new Origins range is set to take you on a rich coffee flavour experience.

L’OR Espresso’s new Origins coffee capsule range stimulates, satisfies and intrigues coffee

lovers throughout South Africa with the unmistakeably rich flavours of Colombia, Papua New

Guinea and India.

“Coffee is a personal choice; its flavour, aroma and strength contribute to the drinker’s

experience, and love for the beverage,” says Matthew Dees, L’OR brand manager. “These

three new variants offer different coffee drinking experiences, while exciting the coffee lover

with their unique, authentic flavours.”

The Origins range boasts flavours from three rich coffee regions, giving coffee lovers the chance to enjoy tastes that the world has to offer.

The Origins range captures the chosen destination’s landscapes, personality and enigma by

respecting their flavours and aromas. The coffee beans selected by L’OR’s master blenders

are influenced by the terroir of its homeland, resulting in a taste experience of each region’s

rich cultures, distinctive tastes and history:

 India offers coffee drinkers the opportunity to be transported to Karnataka in

southern India with its delicate blend of spice and fruit, paired with bolder flavours of

caramel and cocoa.

 The Highlands in Papua New Guinea set the coffee flavour palate for this

pronounced, fruity taste intertwined with a sweet woody aroma to entice the


 The lush, dark landscape of Colombia delivers a full-bodied espresso underpinned

with a complex and tangy flavour which continues lingers long after the final sip.

Many turn to their morning coffee to ignite their day and prepare them for the tasks ahead.

However, nowadays, due to a change in ‘normal’ living and an increase in uncertainty, many

are searching for small comforts as an escape from their daily routines. “L’OR Origins offers

new authentic tastes and enticing aromas, from exotic locations that allow us to be ‘whisked’

away at a moment’s notice, while still giving us the chance to enjoy our morning coffee,

that much needed midday coffee break, or a FaceTime coffee date with a friend,” comments


L’OR capsules are compatible with Nespresso coffee machines*, and are available instore at

most retail outlets, and online at Pick ‘n Pay, Takealot and Makro. The RSP for a pack of 10

L’OR Origins capsules is R64.99.

*L’OR capsules are compatible with most Nespresso coffee machines. For a list of compatible machines please go to

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