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Let’s Talk & Say Goodbye To Painful Menstrual Cycles With The Organic Best 4™ Period Cramps Relief.

Premier Nutritional Supplement range, Best 4™, has added a revolutionary, first to the market, organic neuromuscular anti-cramping Period Cramps Relief to its range. This 100% natural innovative offering, in convenient to use sachets, promises to do more than aid the pain that girls and women face every month but present a solution and add a confidence boost to ‘that time’ of the month. The product was unveiled virtually at a media event hosted by award-winning performing artist, & presenter, Thembisa Mdoda Nxumalo as well as a panel of bold & diverse women who had candid, Pink Table conversations about normalizing periods, breaking down barriers as well as empowering young girls & women.

“Period pain is a topic that is rarely addressed. It’s the ‘dark side’ of periods that is unfortunately surrounded by silence; making it important to peel back the lid to unearth topics that we need to talk about. Menstrual health education needs a big shakeup. The learning gaps are prevalent across our society and it affects how we think about and manage periods. A lack of understanding can impact one’s well-being. It means pain and discomfort can get passed off as just ‘part and parcel’ of having a period. It’s a sad truth that as a result of these education/awareness gaps, a large portion of women are out there right now getting awful periods and thinking it’s supposed to be this way,” said CEO of HolGoun Group, Co-founder of HolGoun Healthcare and Creative Director – Vanessa Gounden.

Best 4™Period Cramps Relief, is taking this opportunity to debunk the negative perceptions of menstruation as well as normalize conversation around the menstruation and ultimately, empower young girls and women. The brand also aims at smashing the taboo while introducing a revolutionary, first to market, organic neuromuscular anti-cramping product to the market. We have arrived at an era where previously perceived “uncomfortable conversations” are now necessary conversations to have and we would like to start with ‘dysmenorrhea’. With this conversation we aim to lift the lid, pull back the curtain and get everyone sharing their experience with period pains. Unfortunately, there are people who still hide tampons under their sleeves, skip fun activities due to their periods, and don’t know how to talk about menstruation without expressing some awkwardness.

“2015 may have been deemed the year of the period, but EVERY year should be a time to bring menstruation to the public eye. Not only is it important to shatter the period taboo, but it’s crucial to be able to talk about periods without feeling uncomfortable, judgmental, or shameful,” said Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Dr Sumayya Ebrahim.

As a brand we deem it of great importance to engage our consumers on this subject as this is a very sensitive topic for many. We wish to do more than spark conversation but instead open up a forum for discussion and together work towards a pain free time of the month. This is our consumer’s chance to hear other women’s stories, share their story and gain a better understanding of their period pains.

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