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South Africa, as like most other countries, is battling out the Covid-19 crisis and our local economic conditions are changing drastically. During these extraordinary and rigid times we as a nation find ourselves in, it is important to support local and small businesses and keep their workers employed.

Although this is an uncertain period filled with fear and anxiety for South Africans, it is not a time to stop shopping locally but rather a time to stand together as a united nation. Small businesses are vital economic engines in the South African economy and are the future of job creation. When you purchase an item from Lily Label, you are not only supporting a South African brand but also an independent, female-owned business.

Lily Label is a dynamic and innovative brand that empowers the economy through the employment of local communities and locally sourced trimmings for each swimsuit. As a small business in South Africa, the Lily brand is fully committed to delivering proudly South African products that are of the highest quality whilst establishing valuable and long-lasting relationships by always going the extra mile for their customers and local community.

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