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Locally inspired dining experience at onenineone.

The renowned signature restaurant, onenineone at the Hyatt in Rosebank, Johannesburg has a comfortable and relaxed ambiance despite it having a world-class reputation. On offer, you will find one of the country’s award winning restaurant experiences, overseen by the celebrated Chef Xavier Francis.

The restaurant is modelled around the theme of thoughtful food. “Food is meaningful; it’s personal and I want every dish to be perfect in look, touch, taste and aroma” says Chef de Cuisine, Xavier. “Everything on the plate has a purpose and a place. We delight in exposing our guests to new taste and dining experiences.”

Far from the usual restaurant experience, the chef is always present at onenineone, talking to and hosting his valued patrons and using their feedback to experiment with new and different mouth-watering creations. “When we treat our customers to a onenineone experience, the opportunity to interact with the chef often stirs great excitement around the table. They know that he is a true head-chef who personally helps prepare each meal in full view of the restaurant. His commitment, charisma and culinary genius mean that we are able to proudly introduce onenineone as a unique and celebrated international culinary landscape,” explains one of the regular guests.

Among Chef Xavier’s most delicious and popular creations are his Pan-Fried Duck, Soft Shell Crab, Charred Veal Loin and his famous dessert, ‘Strawberry Varieties’ which includes a delightful poached strawberry and a surprisingly delicious burnt strawberry.

The restaurant not only offers a rare standard of dining experience – it also supports its community. “We place a large focus on responsible sourcing of goods and supporting local business as far as possible. Attention to detail is given in selecting the finest local dairy products, meats, fruits and vegetables, which we believe offers some of the world’s best fresh produce,” says Chef Xavier.

“We pride ourselves in operating our very own bakery, offering a unique caramelised onion and Rooibos infused Dombolo, served with a variety of butters and cream cheeses as a complimentary arrival starter for our guests.”

Every dish that is listed on the menu is inspired by emotive memories with the aim of transporting the diner to a special moment in time. This restaurant is a true food lover’s dream as every detail is prepared and presented with the intention to delight. This sensational dining phenomenon can only be understood and appreciated once experienced first-hand. Make your online reservation now to get a taste of this delight.

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