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Look no further than the PRESIDENT HOTEL - encouraging local travel.

Following the Presidency’s announcement to move South Africa to lockdown level 2, one particular hotel in Cape Town is putting safety and hospitality at the forefront of guest experiences. Situated in the picturesque Bantry Bay area, the iconic President Hotel is ready to welcome back guests from near and afar to the comfort and safety of their hotel, and has been for some time.

With South Africans looking for an excuse to venture out the house after months of lockdown, they can now look forward to booking a blissful and safe weekend escape taking advantage of the value-for-money accommodation offered by The President. Parents can enjoy some much-needed downtime whilst the kids play in the hotel’s play area with dedicated child minders.

Whether date night is overdue or families are looking to plan the ultimate summer holiday, The President Hotel and its world class facilities, such as an infinity pool, fitness centre, salon, spa, restaurant, deli, terrace and deck bar, is the perfect destination catering for all their guests’ needs.

Characterised by its bright and light, approachable luxury with local flair design – complete with panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and Lion’s Head – The President has led the way with local hospitality best practice, by implementing comprehensive health and safety measures from the beginning of the pandemic.

“We are open and ready to welcome guests; we have been working fervently to ensure guests are SAFE when they come to the hotel. All protocols are in place and our team is ready. Our team have also been innovative in developing new revenue streams including long term rentals, office space rentals, food deliveries, long term storage and outsourced cleaning company,” says Jeremy Clayton, Executive Director at The President Hotel and Chair of Fedhasa Cape.

With the well-being of staff and guests remaining a top priority, The President emerges from this crisis with a new perspective on what hospitality means. The SAFE Programme incorporates global best practice and stringent protocols to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, through enhanced technology limiting staff and guest physical interaction as much as possible.

For more details on SAFE, read here.

Advancing its commitment to providing safe tourism and dining experiences and the role it plays in mitigating the spread of COVID-19, the hotel has obtained its compliance certificate from The Tourism Business Council of South Africa. With this, The President Hotel pledges to uphold and adhere to the Tourism and Hospitality Industry Standard Protocols for COVID-19 Operations, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“There is a huge opportunity for South Africans to travel in and experience South Africa. We live in one of the most beautiful, diverse and culture rich destinations globally and want to encourage Capetonians and visitors from across the country to come and experience Cape Town at The President,” concludes Clayton.

South African musician and friend of The President, Matthew Mole, shared his excitement;

“Although I live in Johannesburg, Cape Town is where I’m from - it’s my home. The President Hotel has gone above and beyond all expectations and has made my trips back home feel like complete luxury. They are the ultimate hosts – always so warm and welcoming, whether I’m there playing shows or staying over with my wife for the weekend. Thanks for having us as part of the family!”

As a reminder of the beauty of Cape Town, the hotel launched their experience video, which

showcases the iconic hotel and its perfect location to access, explore, discover and experience all that Cape Town has to offer.

In celebration of leisure travel opening up and among many great value offers, The President have launched the SA Residents Special Offer. Aimed at providing guests with exceptional experiences at affordable prices, for a limited time only guests can purchase vouchers at only R850 per night, per room.

For more information and to book your stay, visit:, or contact the

reservations team on 021-434-8111.

To stay up to date, follow them on their social media channels -

Twitter: @ThePresidentCT

Instagram: @thepresidentct

Facebook: @PresidentHotelCapeTown

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