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Maintaining Mental Health and Grooming Health During Lockdown.

Being in lockdown for the next three weeks is going to be an uncertain and confusing time for us all. Being unable to leave the house may cause us to forget about personal hygiene grooming and good mental and physical health because after all, no-one is going to see us. However, it is actually important to maintain a routine and sense of normality during this time, to avoid feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness, anxiety or stress.

An important part of a daily routine is to clean and groom oneself. While it may be tempting to forego these aspects, it is scientifically proven that maintaining good personal hygiene boosts self-esteem, allowing for confidence and pride, and a good start to the day.

With FINO Man, you can ensure good hygiene during this quarantine period. FINO allows you to keep your skin and beard healthy, hygienic and groomed at all times.  Our products moisturise, protect and nourish the skin and beard.  FINO allows you to look and feel good, even during a three week lockdown! Your social gatherings may be put on hold for a few weeks, but that does not mean your hygiene has to be put on hold too!!!  With FINO, you can remain healthy and happy, and come out of lockdown looking just as good as before!

Here are some useful tips to add to your daily routine:

Firstly make some ground rules for your space if you are sharing.  This is important and will allow you all to remain calm

If you’re alone make sure you have some friends to check in with daily. If you know someone who is alone chat to them daily. 

Ø Make your bed

Ø Shower -   Try FINO Man Gel Face Wash – R70.00 for face and beard

Ø Exfoliate (body and face regularly)

Ø Shave – Try FINO Man Soothe Post Shave Balm – R70.00

Ø Trim and nourish your beard with FINO Beard Oil  R135.00

Ø Brush your teeth!

Ø Dress comfortably

Ø Choose a goal  - for the day or the week. Make sure that your goal is something you are in control of achieving.

Ø Find new hobbies if possible   - learn to draw  -  share your ideas with us

Ø Cath up on some reading, read to your kids, read to your partner, read to someone on a video call!

Exercise is important during this time and can be fun getting the whole family to join in:

You don’t need fancy gym equipment make use of what is around you, furniture etc.

Ø Start off with stretches

Ø Door pullups

Ø Pushups

Ø Sit Ups

Ø Weights (make your own from what you have at home – be creative – fill empty paint tins with sand – share your ideas with us and with friends )

Ø Run on the spot

Ø Skip

Ø Do cardio running up and down in your home (someone ran a mini marathon in their home!)

To all our fine FINO family

We care about your wellbeing! Remember you are not alone that we are all part of a whole.  We are not experts but here for compassion and kindness J

Please feel free to DM us if you are in need of a compassionate ear.

Please feel free to share your creative ideas on how to survive this lock down period or share inspiring links on our social pages: Facebook  Instagram

Here are some important contacts if you need help during the lockdown period:

Coronavirus Hotline - 0800 029 999

Suicide Helpline - 0800 567 567

SAPS Crime Stop - 0860 10111

GBV Command Centre 0800 428 428 / *120*7867#

Woman Abuse Helpline 0800 150 150

Child Line 0800 055 555

‘The power is in your hands – wash them!’ 


FINO Man is Available @Clicks, Dis-Chem, select PicknPay and salons

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