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Mtv Shuga Stars interview Charlize Theron and Elton John about HIV/Aids, Stigma, Activism and The Ne

WHO: Charlize Theron and Elton John sit down for in-depth interviews with the MTV Staying Alive Foundation and MTV Shuga stars / youth advocatesStephanie Sandows (“Tsholo”) and Given Stuurman (“Reggie”) in Amsterdam during the International AIDS Conference. 

WHO: Stephanie Sandows (“Tsholo”) starred in MTV Shuga Season 5 “MTV Shuga: Down South” where her 15 year old character, Tsholo, aspires to having all the good “things” in life and decides to get them through a transactional relationship.

Given Stuurman (“Reggie”) starred in MTV Shuga Season 5 “MTV Shuga: Down South”. When we meet Reggie, he is grappling with understanding his sexuality, or at least, why it is that he is simply not attracted to girls in “that way”?

WHAT: interview clips 

**Charlize Theron speaks about the power of social media to eliminate stigma, how men and women can work together to fight for female rights and respect, the power of MTV Shuga to inspire change, and her hopes for young African women. 

** Elton John discusses his experience coming out in the 1950’s, the importance of speaking openly about sex, and why social media is so important.

The South Africa season will deliver another instalment of “MTV Shuga: Down South” due to broadcast in the first half of 2019, followed by two seasons in Côte d'Ivoire.

MTV Shuga will continue to broadcast on MTV Base (DStv channel 322) and distributed across Viacom platforms globally, including FTA partners. 


Interview compilation:

Full interview with Charlize Theron: 

Full interview with Elton John:

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