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National Oral Health Month | How to pay extra attention to your oral hygiene.

September is National Oral Health Month – a time to pay extra attention to your oral hygiene. Two of the world’s most common health problems affect the mouth – cavities (dental caries) and gum disease.

Gum disease ranks second only to the common cold in terms of prevalence, with an estimated 90% of South Africans experiencing the problem at some point.

While there is no substitute for regular dental check-ups and professional cleanings, a trustworthy home remedy can help keep teeth and gums clean and healthy between visits, and even reverse gingivitis.


Unlike the not so popular dental floss which can be difficult and time consuming to use, the Waterpik® water flosser (from R999.00) is an easier and more effective way to improve your oral health and enjoy the cleanest, freshest mouth possible.

Using a Waterpik® Water Flosser is clinically proven to:

· Remove up to 99.9% of plaque from treated areas along the gum line and between teeth

· Help prevent, reduce, or reverse gingivitis (gum disease)

· Help prevent tooth decay and future dental work

Waterpik® Water Flossers are available from Dis-Chem and selected dentists, as well as online from and

Philips Sonicare BreathRx

Bad breath is caused by, amongst other things, bacteria and their waste products which collect in the mouth. By simply adding the BreathRx range to your daily routine, up to 99% of bacteria can be eliminated.

Using a mouthwash in combination with your regular tooth-brushing helps to control the bacteria in difficult to reach areas such as between your teeth, on the tongue, back of the tongue, the throat area, and in the pockets around the teeth.

BreathRx Whitening Toothpaste (R199.00) combines the benefits of fluoride, tartar control and enhanced stain removal with the malodor protection of Zytex to eliminate odour-causing plaque and debris from the teeth and gums.

Perfect for travelling, the BreathRx Starter Kit (R425.00) contains a tongue spray, 2 x tongue cleaners, a mouthwash (237ml) and toothpaste 112g.

BreathRx products are available from and

Zoom Whitening

Offering a wide range of both in chair and at home products, Philips Zoom Whitening provides a professional, safe and effective solution to stained teeth, leaving you with a bright white and confident smile. 

To find a dentist, visit

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