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Natural Skincare Ingredients Le Naturel - Fynbos Inspired

“No chemicals, fragrances, colorants, parabens. We strive to do business in a sustainable, environmentally friendly, natural way”

Le Naturel, is a fynbos-inspired luxury beauty brand, South Africa’s indigenous medicinal plants have been used for centuries by locals for their incredible healing benefits and enchanting aromas.

Reconnect with nature by incorporating one of its many natural wonders into your daily skincare routine.

Fynbos is a small belt of natural shrubland that habitats near streams on the lower slopes of the Western Cape mountains. Le Naturel infuses natural unique oils in their products derived from botanical and natural ingredients that are purposefully combined to create blends with a definite remedial reason in mind. Every ingredient serves a purpose and is specifically chosen for each blend, based on its nutritional and therapeutic benefits.

Le Naturel Products are infused with Unique Indigenous Oils :

Rosehip Oil assists with collagen reproduction, tightening, brightening, and moisturizing the skin.

Argan Oil allows the skin to heal quicker with excellent moisturizing properties.

Buchu Essential Oil contains an antioxidant that has proven to be highly successful in aiding the relief of arthritis.

Kind to People, to the Earth, and to Skin

Discover and experience more natural skincare gems online and explore more natural, sustainable, environmentally friendly products.

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