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Nestlé Celebrates South Africa’s Heritage.


CREAM join the festivities.

Each September, South Africans come together to reflect and celebrate their shared

national identity.

This year, Nestlé, through its three iconic brands: NESTLÉ KITKAT, NESCAFÈ RICOFFY

and NESTLÉ DESSERT AND COOKING CREAM have come together to celebrate

#YourHeritageYourPride linking food, music, language, fashion and art as a way to bring us


“Food is a pillar of our South African culture as it brings us together.  South Africans are

also becoming more health conscious about their food preferences. For this reason,

changes in consumer tastes and a growing interest in personalized nutrition are

transforming how we develop our product portfolio because providing tastier, healthier and

nutritious food, is a responsibility we take seriously as Nestlé,” stated Saint Tohlang,

corporate communications and public affairs director at Nestlé East and Southern Africa


Dineo (Moeketsi) Langa was the MC of the Media launch of the Nestle Hertitage Month Online Launch.

Over the years, Nestlé has invested through infrastructure development at our factories,

supported many community development initiatives as well as skills development projects

in South Africa.  “90% of our products are made in South Africa and in fact, 100% of all the

milk that we use in our dairy culinary range is sourced from South African milk farmers. 

Our combined local procurement spend in our South African-produced brands was over R1

billion in 2019,” added Tohlang.

Through this year’s #YourHeritageYourPride campaign, Nestlé intends to entrench its

commitment and partnerships by rejoicing in South Africa’s diversity, celebrating the culture

and the special moments that make us all proudly South African.

“While Nestlé is the biggest food company in the world, we are proud to have been a part

of South Africa’s heritage for more than a century,” said Zumi Njongwe, consumer

communication and marketing excellence director at Nestlé South Africa. “Across South

Africa, millions of people have taken us into their homes, and their hearts. They have

trusted us to help them wake up in the morning and make it through the day. In addition,

they have let us help them raise their families and uplift their spirits with our treats when

they are feeling low ; through our proudly South African food products,” added Njongwe.


During Heritage Month, NESTLÉ KITKAT wants to encourage South Africans to have a

break, by breaking the tension and connecting with fellow South Africans through Chit

Chats with this much-loved chocolate brand. NESTLÉ KITKAT wants to inspire people to

pause and through a change in perspective, see an opportunity to find common ground, so

they can enjoy a moment together with a smile. 

Through identified passion points; music, fashion, language and food, we will create Chit

Chat moments that will break the tensions and bring people together. Keep an eye out for

updates on which influential South Africans will lead the ChitChat series!


Over the past several months, South Africans were given the opportunity to design a

“Proudly Me” NESCAFÉ RICOFFY 750g Tin and see it come to life. South Africans voted

and the three winning designers will be revealed and their designs will be available in

stores this month.

In addition, despite a challenging 2020, we all have something to be grateful for. For this

reason, this Heritage Month, NESCAFÉ RICOFFY is encouraging South Africans to share

their special shared #MomentsofPride and celebrate the beautiful stories that inspire


Makhadzi performed at the online launch.


To celebrate the nation’s diversity through food moments created with the Nestlé Dessert

and Cooking Cream range, we are launching #DelightfullyMzansi – a creative platform that

will enable us to celebrate and showcase all that makes us authentically South African as

well as how food moments over authentically Mzansi occasions connect and unite us.

Stay tuned as we reveal our Icons of Heritage who have unapologetically celebrated their

heritage through their creativity, from food, music and design. As we close off Heritage

Month, we will be releasing a compilation of the #DelightfullyMzansi recipes to give

consumers opportunities to create their delightfully Mzansi food moments at home!

We are wishing everyone a HAPPY HERITAGE DAY this month. Celebrate South African Heritage your way....

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