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Nicole Bessick shines in new role on BINNELANDERS.

Nicole Bessick is no stranger to the Entertainment industry, having already made an impressive impact on our television screens for the past couple of years. The Actress, Celebrity Boxing Champion and Marie Claire Future Shaper has a list of accolades that would make any “over achiever” jealous.

South African audiences will know her best for her work as Chloe on the hit ETV telenovela, “Broken Vows‟, but it’s her latest role that’s got everyone talking as she recently secured a role on one of South Africa’s most popular soaps, Binnelanders.

Nicole plays the exciting new role of Xenia Samuels, a fierce, feisty, passionate woman who says what she means, and means what she says. As a teenager, Xenia became addicted to drugs, and blames her father for all her woes. She now works in a strip club… a world far removed from the conventional Christian home she was raised in. As a “functional junky”, she feels that her life is now her own, and has no intention of going back to the oppression and judgement she felt at home.

When asked if Nicole felt any pressure going into this new role, she responded:

“ Not at all! I mean, playing such a daring character is always a bit touch-and-go, but I’ve been absolutely overwhelmed by the response thus far. As an artist, it’s important to stay mindful of the fact that to you it may be a character but it’s real life for someone else. Someone out there is living the life you’re playing on television. So maybe that’s where the pressure comes in. I always want to be truthful and authentic to the characters I’m playing. My only interest going into the preparation of Xenia was making sure I played her truthfully, and to breathe life into her without falling into any sort of stereotype”.

As an artist in todays society, it’s important to separate the onscreen world from reality, which is exactly what Nicole Bessick does best. She describes how she looks at on-screen life, the same way someone else would see a 9-5. It’s her job. She works hard at it and is passionate about it, but explains that she doesn't take it home with her. As with anyone else, there are times where a “tough day of crying and digging deep can sit on your heart”, but for the most part, Nicole expresses that she tries her best to leave her character in her dressing room.

Nicole is the epitome of beauty and brains. She holds an Honours Degree from UCT, specialising in Intellectual Property. But when it comes to acting, she does a variety of physical and vocal warm ups to release any tension and prepare both the mind and body for the day of work.

When it comes to reading the character brief and determining what roles to take in her career, Nicole felt an immediate connection to Xenia.

“There’s so much more to her than just working a pole. She’s feisty, she’s brave, she protects her loved ones with her life… we have a great deal in common on the human level so stepping into her shoes was easy,” she says.

Pole-dancing is highlighted within her character brief, as well as showcased on our television screens of which Nicole expresses that she had taken up pole classes prior to filming in order to prepare for the role, at iPole. Nicole considers herself to be quite ‘methodical’ in her acting technique, so in order to play her character authentically and get a better understanding of who Xenia is, she dedicated valuable time and effort to understanding the craft of pole dancing before filming.

“I’m quite athletic, so physical activity comes quite easy to me… but pole is on a whole other level! I have never experienced exercise that challenges my body the way pole does. Staying fit and keeping in shape does a lot for strengthening the mind. That’s what really helped me here. Shooting full days while keeping up with a full sports regiment required so much discipline.” Nicole adds.

When it comes to the role of Xenia, Nicole hopes that it offers people who may already be familiar with her work, an opportunity to see her in a new light. Nicole believes through Xenia, she goes “back to my roots” in a sense – Xenia is her first Afrikaans-speaking role, as she doesn’t believe audiences know she is bilingual.

Catch Nicole Bessick on Binnelanders, daily, on Kyknet at 19:30.

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