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Novita Biotechnology & Regenesis Vet lends a helping hoof to Cart Horses.

Novita Biotechnology along with sister company, Regenesis Vet, developers of the world’s first and only commercially available systemic regenerative treatment for horses, is helping the hardest working horses in the Western Cape, the Cart Horses. Through an annual recurring sponsorship that began in April this year, working horses treated and monitored by the Cart Horse Protection Association and those in their Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre will be given ongoing Novita Biotechnology and Regenesis Vet treatments to help keep them at their optimum fitness and health.

“The Cart Horse Protection Association is grateful for the sponsorship of products from Novita Biotechnology and Regenesis Vet,” says Marike Kotze, spokesperson for the Cart Horse Protection Association. “We hope through the use of these products we will be able to decrease the deleterious effects of concussion on joints and musculoskeletal system from daily road work.”

The annual sponsorship, valued at R200 000.00, and comprising of roughly 110 Hyaluronic Acid injections and 30 Regenesis treatments, will see 20 working horses receive treatments throughout the year as well as treating various surrendered, confiscated and rehabilitating horses at the Cart Horse Protection Association Rehabilitation and Recovery Centre. Novita Biotechnology and Regenesis Vet have also contributed towards the veterinary costs associated with administering the treatments. Cape Vet, who works closely with the Cart Horse Protection Association on an ongoing basis, will oversee and facilitate the rolling out of the program.

The Cart Horse Protection Association, a non-profit Cape Town based animal welfare organisation that helps more than 160 cart horses on Cape Town’s roads, was established in 1995 to support Cart Horse owners and address welfare issues within the industry.

“It is our belief that if owners and drivers have access to affordable services, are educated on proper horse care and have an understanding of animal welfare legislation, we can reduce the risk of horses’ welfare being compromised,” explains Marike. “Currently we support cart horse owners, drivers and guards from 21 different areas on the Cape Flats, who use cart horses as a means of transport, collecting scrap metal and/or garden refuse and rubble to generate an income for themselves and their families.”

“We chose to partner with the Carthorse Association as I feel very strongly about being able to help horses and owners that would not normally have access to these sorts of treatments, treatments that are so readily available to competitive horses,” explains Novita Biotech and Regenesis Vet founder, Alexandra Miszewski.

“My companies started as an extension of me looking for treatments for my own horses who have had issues in the past, so being able to assist horses that normally would never have access to these sorts of treatments is something very special to me. I believe that through these treatments we will be able to help so many horses to have a better quality of life!”

Medical Device Company Novita Biotechnology, based in Cape Town South Africa specializes in niche affordable healthcare products such as sterile medical grade Hyaluronic Acid injections. Through its business model of Hope, Novita aims to positively impact people, pets and the planet- its own unique take on the triple bottom line. In doing so, Novita hopes to ensure that technology that was previously inaccessible and unaffordable can be accessed by those who need it most.

In early 2021, Novita Biotechnology bought out Regenesis-Vet which has developed the world’s first and only commercially available systemic regenerative treatment through a unique system of processing horses own blood. The technology separates the horse’s blood into its individual components and then isolates and harvests a cascade of specific growth factors from the horses own blood to extract the healing factors. From this a serum is extracted which is rich in targeted growth factors, and which can be injected back into the horse or frozen and stored for later use. This serum dramatically increases the body’s ability to heal itself after injury and improves the horse’s muscle tone and overall condition, as evidenced by the positive reviews of the products from members of the racing and show-jumping fraternities.

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