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On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me ...

On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me... 12 bottles of fabulous wine!

The Wine-of-the-Month-Club, one of South Africa's oldest wine clubs, is once again running its special 12 Days of Christmas wine promotion whereby the lucky recipient of the gift receives a case of 12 bottles and gets to reveal a new wine each day for 12 days!

Says WotMC's Cliff Collard: "We introduced this special festive gift last year and it was a huge success and sold out within days of its launch.

"The 12 bottles we include in the box are a closely guarded secret until the day they are unwrapped, but rest assured they are all superb varietals."

Just like an advent calendar, each wine bottle is hidden behind a numbered door so it can be shared and enjoyed in the countdown to the last 12 days before Christmas. Each bottle also includes a neck tag that features tasting descriptions and food pairing suggestions. 

To order your 12 Days of Christmas box before they're all sold out, go to:

For those looking to spoil someone special, you can include a gift note at checkout and a handwritten card will be included in the box.

Costs are R1,299 for the Red collection R1,099 For the White collection and R1,049 for the Mixed collection

Now isn't that so much better than a lump of coal or an orange at the bottom of your stocking!

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