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Pigmentation: Choose your weapons wisely by Lamelle.

If you’re suffering from pigmentation you’ll know that treating it requires a bit of diligence

and a lot of patience. After all, just one careless day of unprotected sun exposure can undo months’ worth of improvement. Happily, you can win the war against dark marks if you’re investing in the right skincare, including a cutting-edge sunscreen. But are you using one?

Not all SPF is created equally

Most sunscreen products will protect you from the sun’s aging and burning frequencies – UVA and UVB. But there are other types of light you have to worry about, namely visible light, infra-red and UVC. These can also damage your skin while the latter can worsen pigmentation.

Fortunately, there is a sunscreen that offers full-spectrum protection and that’s Lamelle

Helase 50+. Better yet, it contains enzymes that repair the direct and indirect damage the

sun can cause to your DNA, something that, if left unchecked, can lead to skin cancer.

Brighten up!

While wearing sunscreen can help you prevent new pigmentation from forming, you’re still going to want to get rid of what exists. Also, let’s not forget that not all pigmentation is caused by the sun. (Yep, hormonal pigmentation – here’s looking at you!) In either case,

you’ll want to use products that won’t just inhibit the formation of dark marks, but fade them too.

At Lamelle Research Laboratories, we’ve poured years of research into creating Luminesce, our cutting-edge pigmentation-beating range. Luminesce Brighter Day, for example, contains a triple complex peptide that inhibits tyrosinase – the enzyme responsible for the first steps of creating melanin. It also pumps the breaks on the transfer of melanin in the deeper layers of your skin up to the surface where it’s visible as pigmentation. It also makes use of arbutin, a naturally occurring derivative of hydroquinone that similarly brightens skin, but without the potential negative effects. As for Luminesce Evening Glow (the night cream), it takes things a step further by including a non-irritating form of retinol and lactic acid.

These speed up your skin’s cellular turnover rate, essentially helping to buff away superficial pigmentation on the surface of your skin.

Get serious correction

Using doctor-developed pigmentation-beating moisturisers is good, but if you’re looking for rapid results, give them a turbo-boost with a cutting-edge elixir like Lamelle Correctives Brighter Serum. It contains Deca-Butin (a potent but non-irritating form of arbutin) and inflammation-fighting antioxidants like ferulic acid and turmeric extract.

Despite being a powerful solution to pigmentation, it’s in a stable lipid base that makes it well tolerated even by those with dry or sensitive skin. It can also be applied twice a day before your moisturiser, both day and night. (Just don’t forget to wear your sunscreen!)

At the end of the day, waging a war against pigmentation can feel like a losing game. But if you’ve got highly advanced skin brightening products in your artillery, a more evenly-toned, radiant-looking complexion can be yours for the taking.

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