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Put your Best Foot - and hand - Forward with Citrusway

No one wants to talk about Fungus, except for those who have the discomfort and embarrassment of fungus and who desperately want to get rid of it. With research showing that a staggering 80% of the global population suffers from fungal conditions, the search for an effective remedy is mammoth. Traditionally fungal conditions are treated with toxic prescriptions and chemical based products that often have dangerous side effects, such as liver and kidney damage.

To help you put your best foot – and hand – forward, we’re thrilled to announce that Citrusway products will be available in Dis-Chem stores in mid September 2020.

With 30 years of experience, Citrusway is proud to launch their range of safe & clinically proven plant-based nail and skin products focusing on bacteria, mold & fungus. Using a powerful and effective blend of Grapefruit Seed & Pulp extract, the broad-spectrum products appeal to consumers in search of “better for you” alternatives. Their products aim to deliver superior results without the use of harsh chemicals or toxic ingredients. Citrusway contains zero toxins, chemicals, odor, oils, preservatives or parabens. Citrusway is an incredibly cost effective alternative to expensive prescription and OTC fungal treatments.

Foot Restoration Spray (R199, 00)

A non-aerosol topical spray, Citrusway’s Foot Restoration Spray helps revitalise damaged skin and imperfections for an attractive and more beautiful appearance. Creating the look and feel of hydration without the slip of creams or lotions, the spray penetrates deep into the skin targeting the source of what creates dry cracked, peeling and scaly feet. Fragrance free, the spray contains no chemicals, preservatives, parabens and oils.

Foot Restoration Cream (R179, 00)

This deeply hydrating cream is designed to restore dry, cracked feet and relieves the effects of environmental exposure. The long lasting and non-greasy formula is both diabetic and eczema friendly and is free from parabens. You can expect dramatic immediate results after one use.

3 Piece Foot Restoration Kit (R355, 00)

This at home self-care kit is designed for scaly, cracked, dry and peeling skin. Regular use nourishes and rejuvenates the skin and is great for in between pedicure upkeep. It includes a Foot Restoration Spray, Foot Restoration Cream and a hygienic, easy to clean Foot File that is more sanitary than pumice.

Citrusway Nail Solution (R279, 00)

The Nail Solution is Citrusway’s bestselling product and the foundation of the Citrusway line. Helping to support clearer and healthier looking nails, the topical application targets damaged, lifted and discolored finger and toenails. The gentle formulation creates a nourishing environment for the regrowth of nails & skin and can be used with nail polish, gels and any false nail systems.

Additional benefits:

· Leaping Bunny Certified

· Diabetic Friendly

· Results seen after first use

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