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Raising the bar with Nul Natural.

Nothing but Nature

Let’s talk shampoo! It’s just a way to keep your hair clean, right? Surely it’s not political, or anything? Could the choices you make when you tame your tresses really make that big of a difference?

It can, and it does. The choices you make as one of the 7 billion+ inhabitants of our planet has a huge, big knock-on effect. It adds up, and you have the ability that what you choose to add is something positive.

What’s with the name?

The name Nul is inspired by the word ‘null’, which means ‘nothing’ or ‘zero’. Zero usually has negative connotations, but we believe that zero is exactly what we need to aim for. Simply put, Nul = zero cruelty, zero palm oil, zero plastic and zero sulphates. The whole vibe has been conceptualised, designed and is owned by Doug Byrne, a local maker-surfer-slash-lekker-human who has felt a close kinship with the environment since he was a kid.

"Travelling the unspoilt coastlines of the Transkei, the bushveld of Botswana and the mountainous regions of Africa throughout my childhood nurtured a deep and sacred connection to this land." - Doug Byrne

What makes Nul different?

We want you to feel good when supporting our brand, knowing that our products are natural, sustainable and environmentally friendly. We follow sustainable business practices and are on our journey of being 100% zero to landfill.

“We must begin to take responsibility for ourselves and the footprint we leave on this earth. This starts by ceasing to contribute waste, and by discontinuing the use of plastic or non-recyclable materials. It is my intention to journey towards zero-waste self-care and Nul is where it begins,” says Doug.

This is why Nul Natural dares to be different by cutting out the things that no longer serve us.

But does Nul Natural work?

It does! Nul shampoo bars produce a creamy rich lather for natural, gentle cleansing and conditioning, while being wonderfully gentle on your hair and scalp. Best of all - one bar lasts for roughly 60 to 80 washes, depending on the length of your hair. This is the equivalent of up to three 250 ml bottles of liquid shampoo. Plus, a bar only weighs around 60g and is compact enough to take along on any adventure or travels.

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Facebook: @Nul-Natural


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