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Real Connections with Nando’s This Easter.

Navigating family dynamics is not for the faint-hearted. You know how it is when the family is together. Gogo is ushering the ladies into the kitchen, while uMalume is asking the nephews to send him their CV because he is “well-connected.” Or ama2K trying to explain to their aunt why saying “can both of the three of you make tea” is an awkward response to give their non-binary cousin whose gender pronoun is ‘they.’ It’s true that the conversations between the varying generations all under one roof are sometimes lost in translation, but- the joy of getting together in real life, over delicious food, is never misunderstood.

There’s nothing quite as wonderful as connecting in person, especially for the younger generation, which studies have shown is the loneliest generation.

We all have different ways of seeing the world, and the way we engage across the generations is what makes family, family and home, home. At Nando’s, we recognise that while our loved ones want to (and often do) embrace diversity, some conversations are still unfolding in South African households.

Nontobeko Sibiya, Nando’s Marketing Manager: Communications, says Nando’s has always celebrated diversity and encouraged inclusion. “Our Easter campaign recognises that not everyone is familiar with the changes to gender pronoun preferences which can cause some unintended misunderstandings. While it’s a serious subject matter, we believe that seeing the bright side of it allows us to gain some perspective and move forward.”

She says South Africans are fun-loving and gregarious in nature. “This Easter, we urge South Africans to embrace this side of themselves as well as each other’s points of view over a meal. After all, one of Nando’s values is family. We believe that we are who we are, because of one another. That’s why everyone is welcome too, at our family table,” says Sibiya.

“We also believe we should take every opportunity to celebrate great moments with each other. Sharing is so inherent to us, as is making everyone feel welcome when we gather. So, with Easter on our doorstep, let Nando’s take care of your sharing meals, while you focus on making those real connections and help make a “lonely” generation, less so.”

This Easter holiday period, Nando’s presents a great opportunity for families to share and connect with its flame-grilled PERi-PERi Full Chicken and any 2 Sharing Sides for only R199. If you have a bigger table because more people are coming, Nando’s has you covered. You can also add an extra Full Chicken for R99 when you purchase any of the Family and Friends meals. With such an affordable family meal on offer at Nando’s, there’s more reason to bring out your best cutlery set and get everyone together.

Tuck-in to, PERi-PERi goodness at restaurants nationwide for eat-in, takeaway, through the Drive-Thru, or via delivery. Download the Nando’s app on Android and iOS to order from Nando’s directly.

Links to the latest Nando’s TV advert – "They are welcome" – here:

Twitter: @NandosSA


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