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Ross Learmonth BOXOPed Kevin Fraser.

Saturday night, 4 November, captivated a world-wide audience and produced a winner from the blue corner at Time Square in Pretoria:

Ross Learmonth, representing South Africa’s rock royalty, was crowned champion of BOXOP 2.

See BOXOP Fight Night images here

The dust and all the nerves have settled, until BOXOP 3 ... watch this space for the reveal of the date and names of the next two celebs to face off in a quest for boxing glory.

Jaco Geyer, Blue Banana Events: “A very special thank you to Ross and Kevin. Your performance, fighting spirit and sportsmanship inspired people across South Africa and the globe. We also wish to thank all the people who have attended Sportland BOXOP in person, and who have watched the live stream of the event from home. The value of your support is beyond measure.”

Watch out for news about BOXOP 3.

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