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Rossco Car Rentals Shuttles & Tours Gives Back to Senior Citizens.

Rossco Car Rentals Shuttles and Tours treated 6 adults from Golden Acres Home to a riveting tour of Soweto.

So many people born in South Africa but most never travelled to Soweto. Let alone, do a touristy tour throughout the unknown area.

Experiencing how other people who are less fortunate than most and have to reside in the likes of shanty's and skwatta camps, was an eye-opening element for the 6 senior citizens.

Rossco Car Rentals drove around Soweto, showcasing and highlighting the best aspects of the city. From the infamous Vilakazi street , to the Hector Peterson Monument, Nelson Mandela ‘s house as well as Desmond Tutu’s House, just to name a few incredible sightings.

Individually we are exposed to these areas and sightings via television and streams of media outlets, however to actually experience it is something else. The senior citizens from Golden Acres Home said that the majority of them were completely overwhelmed, but loved every second of the tour. They were grateful to have been given the opportunity to go on an adventure and experience something as incredible as Soweto in comfort.

Rossco Car Rentals Shuttles and tours pledge to give back to the community and will be actioning  a tour a month for the disadvantaged, elderly and children. Please contact Nicole on directly should you wish to nominate a charity or know of worthy organisations.

Follow them on their FB Page to stay up-to-date on all their tours, specials and more:

Facebook: @Rosscocarrentals


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