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SA’s Oldest Pro-Life Animal Shelter, Woodrock Animal Rescue to Host Eve Fundraising Walk.

Woodrock Animal Rescue, South Africa’s oldest pro-life rescue centre for homeless, neglected and injured animals, will host a heart-warming community event this leap year’s eve. The 5km sunset walk will take place at 4:30pm, through the scenic hills of the Hennops River Valley. The walk aims to share love and connection with homeless dogs, inspire adoptions and raise much-needed funds for their ambitious goal of raising R480,600.00 for a Transporter Panel Van 2.0 TDI 75kW LWB which ticks all the boxes and will allow them to continue their work without the risk of unreliable vehicles leaving them in dangerous territory and in situations where, through lack of reliability, they are severely disabled.

Only 1 in 10 dogs in South Africa ever find a forever home. As the economy continues to face challenges, more people are surrendering their pets to shelters every year. Many of these shelters are underfunded and overcrowded, and few are pro-life. Annually, some 2.7 million homeless animals are euthanized in SA.

Animal rescue centres like Woodrock don’t just take in homeless dogs – they rescue abused animals, rehabilitate them, and give them the chance to find love and care in a new home environment. This takes time, and dogs can be in the shelter for many years. “By supporting this beautiful event, you save and support animals,” says Estelle Meldau, one of the Founders of Woodrock Animal Rescue, “by donating your time and affection, and by purchasing a ticket for the walk.”

Participants will gather at the rescue centre in the early evening and will receive a complimentary drink on arrival. Then they will choose the dog that they would like to spend time with, and walk through the hills of the valley with other community members.

Throughout the 5km route there are treat stations where people can grab something tasty for their furry friends. It’s an opportunity to share a unique experience with friends, family and a homeless dog.

“Sunsets are truly magnificent over the hills, and what better way to share a magical moment than with a dog who so badly needs love and attention,” says Estelle. On return, participants will spend time at the centre pampering and grooming their new friends.

“Many of these animals have only known cruelty, suffering and shelter life. Spending one-on-one time with them is an unimaginable gift.” The evening will end with a photo shoot, so that participants can immortalize the memory of the sunset walk with their rescue dog. At 7pm, Schwarmas will be on sale under the lapa, where new human friends can be made. Vegan options will be available as well.

Community-funded non-profit organizations like Woodrock rely on donations to do the amazing work that they do. Since 1992, Woodrock has independently saved, housed, fed and rescued tens of thousands of local animals.


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