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Saving the Best for Last – BIOMEDCAN’s CBD Chocolate Slabs.

Following the recent launch of their CBD SLEEP, MIND, MOOD and PLEASURE capsules, BIOMEDCAN (an all-natural solution to personal wellbeing) has been saving the best for last!

Locally made and meticulously hand crafted by famous Chocolatier, Richard von Geusau, BIOMEDCAN recently launched their artisanal CBD chocolate slabs.

Available in dark chocolate (70%) and milk chocolate, BIOMEDCAN’s slabs 100g (RRP R119.00) are the perfect chocolate treat to appease your sweet tooth whilst reaping all of the general wellbeing benefits of CBD.

Made with 20mg of CBD, BIOMEDCAN’s CBD chocolate slabs act as a natural remedy to assist with a variety of health benefits:

· General wellbeing

· Boosting the immune system

· Improved sleep

· Improved memory and focus

· Increased brain clarity

· Decreasing anxiety, stress, depression and mood swings

· Cellular anti-ageing properties

· Helping combat disorders

· Regulating heart rhythm

· Lowering high blood pressure

BIOMEDCAN’s products contain zero THC and therefore don’t have hallucinogenic effects and are not addictive. Furthermore, all products are gluten-free and free of artificial flavours.

Recommended daily dosage: consume a maximum of 100 grams of CBD chocolate with 20 mg of CBD per day. 

BIOMEDCAN is available for purchase online at,,,  and selected Wellness Warehouse stores and other retailers.

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