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Say goodbye to those unwanted first grey hairs and hello to beautiful blended brunette.

Your first visible grey hair is a rite of passage, and a gentle reminder that you are getting older, wiser and embracing a new chapter in your life. Like scars and wrinkles, grey hairs are a symbol of a life well lived. But of course, even though some may choose to embrace their grey hairs, other defy them. Premium hair care brand John Frieda® is proud to announce that it has broadened its line of hair care products to include the latest in hair management – the DEFY GREY Brunette Blending 3-Step System comprised of Shampoo, Conditioner and Blow Dry Foam. The Defy Grey range will be available from December 2020, exclusively at Clicks stores nationwide.

DEFY GREY is the latest innovation from John Frieda®. Effective on brunette hair with less than 50% grey coverage. Formulated with coffee extract and GreyBlend™ technology this range blends in grey strands.

Leaving you feeling rejuvenated and your hair looking natural with a multidimensional brunette colour.

Step 1: DEFY GREY Brunette Blending Shampoo

Gradually infuses brunette tones to blend away first greys.

Designed to be used daily, the Defy Grey Brunette Blending Shampoo contains unique direct dye technology, which deposits an instant layer of colour onto the hair strand. These camouflage grey strands without that tell-tale, unnatural opacity that you get from permanent dyes. Apply liberally throughout wet hair, lather and leave for at least 3-5 minutes for the first use. Leave on for up to 3 minutes for each subsequent use.

To tame and blend in wiry greys, follow with Defy Grey conditioner. For optimal grey blending results, finish with Defy Grey Blow Dry Foam.

John Frieda® DEFY GREY Brunette Blending Shampoo (250ml) Shampoo retail price (RRP): R119,95

Step 2: DEFY GREY Brunette Blending Conditioner

Colour depositing conditioner specially designed to blend away greys &

reveal brilliant brunette hair

Designed to be used alongside the daily shampoo, the Defy Grey Brunette

Blending Conditioner works on the surface of the hair to add depth and richness

to the grey strands, along with a boost of softness and shine, resulting in a veil of

colour which blends seamlessly with a wide range of natural brunette tones. As

with the shampoo, you should leave this on for 3-5 minutes the first time you use it,

then for up to 3 minutes with each subsequent use.

John Frieda® DEFY GREY Brunette Blending Conditioner (250ml) retail price

(RRP): R119,95

Step 3: DEFY GREY Brunette Blending Blow Dry Foam

Colour depositing foam helps blend away grey hairs to reveal beautiful brunette


The foam offers a longer-term result by creating a durable colour gradually inside the grey hair strand. The colourants in the foam create a natural brunette colour from within the hair strand itself. Visible results are accelerated, from gradual to immediate, when heat is applied to the hair. After shampoo and conditioner; apply 5 pumps (depending on hair length and thickness) to clean, towel-dried hair. Start with greys and then work throughout the lengths of the hair. Do not rinse out. Wash your hands after the application. Blow dry on a medium to high heat to activate the foam. Use after each wash until desired colour is achieved, then as needed to maintain blended result.

John Frieda® DEFY GREY Brunette Blending Blow Dry Foam (150ml) retail price

(RRP): R149.00

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