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Sensitive skin vs the sun.

It is no secret that the sun can cause damage to unprotected skin, and that sunscreen should be a beauty staple used religiously during morning skin care routines. However, not all skin is created equal and some is more sensitive than others, making it more susceptible to the harmful rays of the sun.

Sensitivity to the sun can be experienced by those with light and darker skin complexions, have skin allergies, are taking certain types of medication or have been diagnosed with a medical condition, and should always be well protected. Over-exposure to the sun can cause serious skin damage such as premature ageing, sun allergies and may even lead to skin cancer.

However, it must be noted that not all exposure to the sun is doom and gloom. “It is this exposure that allows our bodies to make Vitamin D which is important for our bones, immune systems and blood cells. Sunlight also helps boost serotonin that improves our moods, and gives us more energy,” comments Alexa Wilding, senior brand manager for Everysun. “To enjoy these sun pros, we do need to keep in mind the damage that can be caused, and that the correct protection for your skin type needs to be included in your beauty regime – from head to toe.”

Sensitive skin requires sunscreen that is suited to protect it from the harmful rays of the sun and give it the best protection. Sunscreen developed for sensitive skin has been formulated to address the needs of the skin and the way it should be protected. “However, sensitive skin is not only sensitive to the sun, but to ingredients in certain creams and moisturisers as well,” explains Wilding, “this is why a formula created specifically for sensitive skin needs to be used – to avoid any unnecessary breakouts and skin irritations.”

Everysun’s newly launched Sensitive Care SPF 50 sunscreen, available in a pump spray and a lotion, has been specially formulated with Vita Lock™, an infusion of superfruits, antioxidants, vitamins, and advanced UVA and UVB filters with photo stability. This formula ensures that the skin remains moisturised and protected against sunburn and skin damage, and it is fragrance free, light and non-greasy, and dermatologically tested.

“Those with sensitive skin should not shy away from summer but enjoy it with the right protection. Looking after your skin during the year, and especially during the hotter months should be practiced by everyone no matter the sensitivity of their skin, but when it does come to sensitive skin the product you choose to use needs to offer your skin what it needs to be protected and kept safe,” adds Wilding.

The Everysun Sensitive Care range is available at all leading retailers and pharmacies at a RRSP of 159.99 and 169.87. 

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