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Setamono - Africa's home for quality Japanese homeware.

Food and cooking have become more than just a basic human need. Creating, preparing, and designing food dishes has become an art. From the recipe itself, to the cutlery, utensils and presentation, cooking has never been more innovative and enticing, becoming an enjoyable experience for all.

Setamono Japanese Homeware has identified this innovative need for the unique and appealing, when it comes to plating and creating food dishes. Established in 2015, Setamono is the first and only supplier of Japanese artisan ceramics. Understanding the artistic flare that cooking needs, they supply beautiful, uniquely handcrafted ceramics for the culinary arts, blurring the line between cooking and art, to create something truly magnificent.

Mealtime experiences bring people together, creating shared moments of joy and bonding over a good plate of food. Above the aesthetic and appealing tableware they offer, Setamono supplies fine-quality kitchenware to ensure excellent cooking, authentic Japanese ingredients for delectable dishes and accessories beyond the plate, such as napkins and table runners, to create the perfect mealtime occasion.

Using the right dish, when plating and serving food, can enhance the entire eating experience. A dish that looks good creates excitement and appreciation, before the food has even been tasted! If you’re looking for a way to enhance the quality and appearance of dishes and impress your family and friends, then Setamono has you covered. Containing subtle curves, glazes, textures and colours, their one-of-a-kind tableware will be sure to leave a lasting impression on everyone who uses them. Each item is handcrafted with elegance and skill, making every meal an occasion of beauty. What better way to enjoy life then surrounded by family and friends, and beautiful dishes of food.

Visit us at:


405 Albert Road


Cape Town, South Africa

We stock the largest range of Hibachi table grills in South Africa along with grilling accessories.

2 types of Binchotan charcoal - grilling and water filtration. 

This is a Japanese technique and a lifestyle product which is particular to their offering.

Hand forged Japanese knives and accessories.

They support local businesses and stock their products if there is a good synergy between SA & Japan.  Linen range is local supplier – Binchotan Extinguishing pots are local now as I stopped ordering from Japan – a range of sauces from Baodown Restaurant in CT to help support hospitality, stainless steel skewers are local etc.

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Facebook: @setamonotableware

Instagram: @setamono

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