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Sheep will never rule the world. - A book with inspirations for life and business.

These are challenging times and entrepreneurs all over the world are being pulled in different directions. In this book CEO and founder of Fetola, Catherine Wijnberg offers simple, but compelling advice to help people find their focus as they create new pathways to success. If you are overwhelmed with having a business to run, relationships to grow, and personal demons to conquer, take heart. The tools in this book will help you turn any crisis around and emerge from it strengthened, confident and compassionate – it opens a window on hope, success, and happiness.

A new book entitled Sheep Will Never Rule the World, which launched this year, will teach you how to overcome the challenges in every crisis and guide you towards hope, success and happiness. It is a collection of 100 wisdoms that have inspired entrepreneurs on Catherine Wijnberg’s business programmes to reach their full potential and make a difference in the world. These messages and their quirky illustrations have been personally selected to focus your thinking, embolden your self-belief and bring a bit of laughter to your day.

Herself a successful entrepreneur, Catherine is the CEO of Fetola and has experience in starting, growing and operating businesses in five different sectors across three countries. She started Fetola in 2006 with the aim of transforming the local SME sector and her organisation is a recognised, national business growth specialist.

CEO and founder of Fetola, Catherine Wijnberg offers simple, but compelling advice to help entrepreneurs clear the hurdles on their path to success.

"In Sheep will never rule the world, inspirations for life and business - you will benefit from Catherine's insights and experience, spoken in a voice of wisdom that is calming, inspiring, sometimes provocative, but always relevant."

A bit about the book....

• empowers people with practical skills, and resources

• a timeous treasure - this is a book not just for entrepreneurs but everyone to gain

inspiration and keep moving forwards

• it is proudly South African, and inspirations are tailored for our local context

• price mark and packaging are carefully considered, its affordable but valuable

• born of a blog that has inspired and helped many in the past, it is set in real time

context with inspirations from the beginning of the year to the end

• humorous human illustrations from the talented and renowned Patrick Latimer


Christmas must-haves: this is the present for every person!

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