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Simple Skincare, 5 Products, Many Uses - Le Naturel.

Le Naturel is simplifying their product range, by offering fewer products that do more - “we want to inspire a less is more lifestyle.”

As the Covid-19 pandemic evolved, the world has drastically changed its views on luxury beauty consumption.

Consumers realized the importance of caring for the planet and its people during the pandemic more so than before.

Ethical and Green beauty is at the top of Le Naturels list, the luxury beauty brand is continually researching trend patterns, collaboration, and ideas to provide recyclable, environmentally friendly products that are good for people and the earth.

The “ Less is more lifestyle” is not just about reducing the number of products, it is about consuming products with beneficial natural ingredients of superior quality with multipurpose use and simple, environmentally friendly packaging that gives back to the environment.

Simple Skincare. 5 products. Many uses :

Natural Vitamin C Serum

With Rosehip, Argan & Marula oils. This trinity of magnificent oils has some of the highest vitamin c content that promotes collagen production, that potentially reduces dark spots, diminishes fine lines, and is a natural essential for firmer, smoother, more youthful-looking skin.

(Hint: Add a drop of tea tree oil to treat acne and eczema.)

Natural Wash

With Buchu, African Lemon Bush, and Geranium for face, body, and hands. With one wash, effective yet gentle enough to clean naturally.

(Hint: Add a spoon of sugar in your palm with a pump or two of the wash to make a sugar scrub!)

Natural Lotion

Pure Marula and Rosehip oils to moisturize and hydrate the face, hands, and body. The captivating fragrance of Cape Snowbush and African Wormwood essential oil is used to instill a sense of calm.

Natural Fynbos Lip Balm

African Wormwood, Rose Geranium, and Cape Snowbush essential oils that allow lips to heal faster and stay smoother for longer. Lips are one of the most expressive features on the face, keep your lips moisturized all year round.

Natural Buchu Balm

Buchu, Cape Geranium & Helichrysum essential oils that inhabit natural and potent anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Our Buchu Balm is the natural first aid remedy for wounds, scratches, itches, and even new tattoos.

Discover and experience more natural skincare gems online at and explore more natural, sustainable, environmentally friendly products.

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