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SIR FRUIT launches all-new probiotic cranberry health shot – the best thing for your gut!

While we find ourselves in the middle of our South African winter and many an immune system

compromised, Sir Fruit has done it again and created a one of a kind probiotic shot that will kick things up a notch! Introducing, the all-new Probiotic Cranberry Health Shot - the little guy that packs a punch to help improve your immune system and gut health.

Overall health starts in the gut, and thus SA’s favourite premium juice company searched far and wide to make use of only the best ingredients that are 100% proven to work and provide consumers with a dose of good!

What are probiotics? According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) probiotics are “live

microorganisms which, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host.” Several factors such as; poor diet, stress, travel, medications or hormonal change can disturb your intestinal balance and ultimately decrease the level of beneficial bacteria in your gut.

With this in mind, Sir Fruit sought out a one-of-a-kind probiotic such as GanedenBC30 which is an extremely stable probiotic due to the cell’s ability to form a protective spore. Just like seeds wait to grow when conditions are optimal, GanedenBC30 spores wait to germinate until they reach the intestines where the moisture level, temperature and nutrient levels are just right.

Packed with all the good stuff, each 100ml Probiotic Cranberry shot consists of:

 GanedenBC30 Probiotic: Helps to strengthen and increase the good bacteria in your system

and works hard to ensure that you win in the fight for healthy digestion.

 Artemisia Afra: This widely known African plant has many benefits for the immune system

despite its bitter flavour. Research suggests that bitter flavours aid in digestion as your body

associates bitterness with toxin. Once the ‘toxin’ enters your body the stomach excretes

enzymes as a form of defence which in turn aids in digestion.

 Cranberry: This shot has a very high concentration of cranberry in a combination of cold

pressed cranberry and cranberry concentrate. At these levels studies have shown it to help

with UTI’s.

 Buchu: Known as a wonder plant with many benefits, Buchu has probiotic properties of its

own; helps for UTI’s and is a great aid to cleanse your kidneys.

Sir Fruit’s Probiotic Cranberry Shot will retail from R21.99 and is available at top grocers nationwide and for home delivery online at

For more information, visit the Sir Fruit website: and follow their social media platforms for further updates:

Twitter | @sirfruit_  

Facebook | @welovefruit  

Instagram| @sirfruit_

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