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Skin Candy – Proudly South African Innovators In Natural Skincare.

Skin Candy’s founder – Raeesa Bagus has taken the natural skincare world by storm with their supplement, transdermal and topical ranges formulated for flawless, radiant skin. Skin Candy has innovated in the skin supplement space by launching the first ever 2 supplement Glutathione formulation. With the increased demand for immune boosting vitamins over the past year, Skin Candy’s offering is a double whammy - skincare and immune support in one. It doesn’t get better than that.

As women we all go through big changes – from child birth and stress to motherhood and work life to menopause and the aging process that “obviously” speeds up after you have your first baby. Skin Candy was founded to halt the effects of these big events on your skin and it is their belief that this is no reason for you to have to lose your youthful skin, we all deserve to look flawless despite what life throws at us.

“Your skin is your confidence and when your skin looks great you can be whoever you want to be”

With so many natural products out there and the new found trend towards natural and organic, it was vital that Skin Candy’s natural ingredients were correctly dosed and combined with complimentary partner ingredients to yield results.

Skin Candy has successfully formulated a skincare range with optimal clinical doses of their flagship key ingredient - Glutathione along with other complimentary skin perfecting ingredients. The intention was to put the science back in beauty and It worked. The science extends into their entire range: topical, transdermal and oral treatments.

More science - most skin issues are a result of something happening inside your body. Skin Candy’s products are designed to create flawless skin from within by targeting the underlying cause of any skin concern. Prevention is better than cure & a considerate, scientific, formulation approach = a flawless glow that you can be proud to show off.

Skin Candy has a truly special story, a founder that overcame an auto immune disease by dedicating her life to overall sustainable wellness and through her actions aims to lower the dependency on products that aren’t formulated well enough to work. They’re passionate, driven and have a vision to bring confidence and self-worth back to all who use their products by providing professional, scientific and yet, natural skin care solutions so that you can look and feel your best.

As a proudly South African company, they take pride in all their products being manufactured and/or packaged in South Africa.

Skin Candy has dedicated their business to providing natural & sustainable products that help everyday people achieve their health and skin goals. In an ongoing attempt to see and feel results faster, they continue to research and improve formulas and design lifestyle skin wellness product ranges.


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