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SMILE CLUB, making at-home, on-the-go teeth whitening a breeze - reviewed by Sasha-Lee Taylor.

Teeth Whitening has always been a firm favourite public trend. But where does one find the time with our busy schedules to get to this? We often are so busy, that this procedure gets neglected until we have a mandatory dentist trip.

And that is why "Home Teeth Whitening Kits" have become so popular. These fantastic kits allow you to carry on with your daily life and do some teeth whitening on-the-go. Whether its whilst you're cooking dinner, sitting at home catching up with a few emails or even some bed-time reading.

The process is so easy, it's hard to not get hooked immediately.

And which product is a SA Life Mag firm Favourite? The SMILE CLUB brand!

Smile Club prides itself in supplying high quality teeth whitening products, which you can use in the comfort of your own home. Their products provide safe and effective results. Many of South Africa's Media and TV Personalities use this product and rave about their results so we caught up with Philanthropist, Author, Model and Media Personality, Sasha-Lee Taylor who has fallen in love with Smile Club and their teeth whitening kits and got her to give us some feedback.

What is your overall impression of the brand?

I love the simplicity of the packaging, it’s simple yet eye catching at the same time. The instructions were very informative and easy to follow.

How would you rate the packaging and product placement?

The product is well packaged and the signature blue of the branding is very appealing. The packaging is simple and easy to use.

Take us through the steps of using the teeth whitening kit?

Once I have cleaned my teeth I distribute the whitening gel evenly along the mouth tray I then place it in my mouth with the LED light provided and wait 20 minutes.

Did you find the information brochure to be informative?

The instructions were very easy to follow and understand which made using the product quite enjoyable.

Tell us why you loved this product?

The convenience of the product is what I like the most, I can use this while finishing other tasks at home which makes it perfect for when I’m busy.

Is there anything you would change about this product?

I actually enjoyed every aspect of this product when using it and I wouldn’t change anything.

Were you impressed by the delivery time from order to door?

Yes, absolutely! I really appreciate brands that action orders immediately, taking into consideration that customers want quick results. I was super impressed by the delivery time, and there were no hiccups in the process. Definite gold star for this!  

Would you recommend this brand to others?

Yes! It’s easy to use, convenient to use at home whenever you need to. It’s perfect for individuals that are busy.

Your overall score out of 10?

Definitely 10/10!

What advice would you give to someone looking to obtain an at-home whitening kit?

Go with a brand you can trust - The Smile Club!

Want to get online and order your Smile Club Kit now? Click HERE

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