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It is the month of love and Smirnoff Infusions alongside Sorbet Group have partnered up to make sure everyone feels a tad bit more loved during this time. The aim of the partnership is to invite people to experience and show themselves love while enjoying complimentary cocktails at select Sorbet as well as Sorbet man stores across the country. The partnership kicks off on Friday the 17th of February and runs until the 19th of February, but it does not end there, consumers are able to stay tuned to social media and select media platforms for exclusive giveaways.

The month of love is a time for roses, sweet treats and grand gestures of love spread by people around the world, this somehow leaves some of us wanting a little more love during this time. More specifically, Valentine’s Day generally has social media abuzz with FOMO (fear of missing out) and we want to allow consumers the opportunity to be part of this conversation as we round off the month of love. The vibrant infused vodka, Smirnoff Infusions partnership with the Sorbet Group will offer customers the delectable taste profiles of Smirnoff Infusions when visiting the Sorbet stores for their array of revitalizing treatments on offer.

“As a brand, we always look for ways to give back to our consumers and bring experiences to them so they always feel part of our world. Smirnoff Infusions since its launch has gained popularity amongst consumers who generally enjoy unwinding and treating themselves to a delectable cocktail after or even before a busy day. The simple serve of just adding tonic to the liquid really does make it a very enjoyable option, as consumers get to experience the complexities of a well-blended cocktail with minimal effort.” Says Thembeka Mgobozi, Marketing Innovations Manager at Diageo SA

Thembeka, further concludes, “Partnering with the Sorbet Group was such an exciting partnership for us. It simply meant the meeting of two brands who share a common goals on making life easier for customers and bringing them a bespoke experience that only our brands can offer.”

Keep your eyes on the lookout for Smirnoff Infusions and Sorbet Group social media pages to stand a chance to win complimentary Smirnoff Infusions and Sorbet hampers and treatment giveaways at a Sorbet stores near you. For more information check out the Smirnoff SA website, follow the brand on social media at @smirnoffsa on Twitter and @smirnoffsa Instagram. Engage in conversations and share your Smirnoff Infusions moments with us online using the hashtag #SmirnoffInfusions.


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