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South African Artist, TARYN TREISMAN, changing the way we celebrate colour with custom pop.

Colour, Pop Art, playful, Unique & Artist – just some of the words that describe South African Artist, Taryn Treisman, who is making big moves in the Arts industry of late, with her Gallery Exhibitions and Artist Collaborations, that simply have everyone wanting a piece of her work!

Taryn Treisman is testament to hard work and always giving 100% - known by many as a South African artist who is both guided by creativity and spontaneity, she is proudly bringing colour to the lives of South Africans with her pop art brand, Custom Pop.

Treisman, 38, studied BA marketing communication at the University of Johannesburg and Design at Vega Brand School, but her love for custom art runs deeper with time as she curates pieces that are uniquely one of a kind, showcasing fashion, cartoons, childlike elements and more!

Taryn Treisman has embraced the digital era, with a modern colourful pop swirl and graffiti or urban art style. She does not conform to straight lines, and believes in organised chaos. She believes we are living in the digital revolution and her artwork is a sign of the times.

“I have always loved art, since I was 4 years old! I combine traditional and digital art most of the time allowing the paint brush or pen to dance and my soul to sing. Everything is captured in an intuitive dance as I watch the colours transform onto the canvas creating an organized mess," she says.

SALifeMag sat down with Taryn to find out more about this exciting new art pop brand that has everyone talking…

Who is Taryn Treisman?

A mother of three, lover of art and colour.

What motivated you to become an artist specialising in colourful pop art?

I have always been a huge fan of pop art. I fell in love with Roy Lichtensteins work and have always been drawn to the bold colours and clean lines.

You have worked in the digital agency space - tell us more about that?

I have always seen myself as a bit of a techno geek, I loved social media marketing as you were able to be creative and come up with amazing content, competitions and campaigns. I therefore launched Socialbutterfly. I realised I loved marketing but I was neglecting my artistic side and began to draw. It was a tough decision to close Social butterfly and sell Photo booth stations and focus entirely on my passion, art. I had to dig deep and believe in myself and ignore any negative thought that would appear in my mind and just give it a chance. I learned that when the Vikings wanted to take over more land they would arrive and burn their ships because they believed there was no going back, they would take over the new land. So I kept that in mind and decided I would do what ever I could to make art happen.

What does it mean to you to be recognised as an esteemed South African artist?

I just love what I do, I don’t paint to be an esteemed artist but rather to keep my soul happy and to sell more art so that I can continue to be creative, paint and do more of what I love.

What is your work regime – do you like to listen to music whilst painting or have any other special ways of working?

I definitely need to have a cup of coffee if I’m working in the morning or a glass of wine if I’m working at night. I actually don’t listen to music but rather podcasts I love listening to Gedale Fenster when I am drawing, it find it uplifting and time well spent.

Your first job was at the art institute of Chicago – tell us about that?

I had an internship at the Art Institute of Chicago, we had to organise events for young professionals. It was exciting and fun. I was so grateful to see masterpieces every day, meet great people and interact with art collectors and young professionals.

How does being an artist make you a better person?

I think it helps me appreciate the smaller details in life. I spend more time noticing how the light is reflecting on someone’s face or spend more time taking in nature when I walk. I am also a much more patient person.

What is the one thing you always do after you’ve created an art piece?

Take a photo of it and see what I need to change.

What inspires you to give your best every single day?

Seeing my artwork improve, learning new skills and creating beautiful art for gifts and homes inspires me

We all have our own struggles. What kind of struggles have you overcome in the past?

I believe we deal with struggles daily, it is important to see what you can learn from the struggle and try to accept that the struggle is just part of the process for the greater picture. Obviously I have struggled as an artist to find my inner voice, my artistic style and technique. It is a constant journey of self discovery. I have been through life changing events such as surviving the Tsunami in Thailand. I have struggled with juggling time management between family and work life balance. I believe if you not struggling with something you are not growing as a person so I think one needs to worry when you are not struggling with something because that means you are not growing as a person.

How do you hope to evolve your brand to greater heights in the coming years?

My dream is to have my art at Art Basel Miami. I would love to create my own art toy and more sculptures and more brand collaborations

Lastly, your most important title is that of “Mom”. What do you wish for your children as they grow up?

To be healthy, to live with what they are passionate about, to marry amazing spouses and have healthy, happy children.


What is your favourite go-to paint colour? Pink

Who is your favourite artist of all time? Roy Lichtenstein

One word to describe your art? Fun

Most difficult portrait to paint thus far? Any photo with poor resolution.

One designer/artist you’d love to meet? Takashi Murakami and Jeff Koons

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