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SPIER makes celebrating heritage day at home easy.

Spier has created two wonderful ways to make this Heritage Day a memorable one. Both

are inspired by Spier’s own rich wine history, which dates back to 1692, making this one

of the oldest wine farms in the country.

1. Stock your cellar with Spier’s delicious Heritage Wine Pack

This Heritage Month, we’re celebrating our acclaimed 21 Gables range, which pays

tribute to our farm’s over 300-year winemaking heritage. Named after the 21 Cape Dutch

gables found adorning the buildings on our Werf (farmyard), it is more than any other

farm in the country.

Our Heritage Pack offers three bottles each of the four award-winning wines making up

the 21 Gables range:

 21 Gables Sauvignon Blanc 2019

 21 Gables Chenin Blanc 2018

 21 Gables Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

 21 Gables Pinotage 2016

Valued at R3120, we're offering this pack of acclaimed single varietals for just R2652.

That's a saving of R468!

Shop at

2. Order everything you need for a brilliant braai

Available online at, the Heritage Braai pack is crammed with South

African classics for the quintessential heritage-inspired braai. Prepared by the Spier

Farm Cafe and delivered on 23 September, it takes all the stress, hassle and planning

out of preparing an epic meal for your day off.

Offering generous servings for two people,

it costs just R450 (or R565 with wine) and includes:

 Farmer Angus boerewors

 Curried rump sosaties (4)

 Mielies and herbed butter

 Tomato smoor 

 Garlic baguette

 Potato salad

 Three bean salad

 Vadas Pasteis de Natas (2)



Spier Cellar Master Frans Smit, loves a braai almost as much as he loves wine! He

shares a few time-honoured fireside tips.

1. Source responsibly

“Just as the quality of our wine begins with careful tending in the vineyard, so the

deliciousness of your braai is hugely impacted by where you source your meat from. Aim

for quality not quantity (a good approach when drinking wine too!). Ideally, your meat

should be humanely reared on pastures, without hormones or routine antibiotics — like

the chicken, pork and beef Farmer Angus produces at Spier. It’s better for you, and for

the animals, and for the planet — and tastes incredible too!”

2. Pair as you please

“It might be braai time, but that doesn’t mean red wine should hog the limelight. Our rich

and ripe 21 Gables Chenin Blanc pairs well with fatty meats (especially pork belly, but it

can hold its own with something like beef short rib too). Match the Seaward Chardonnay

with sosaties and Creative Block 2 with aged cheddar and tomato braai-broodjies. Lastly,

while you wait for the flames to lower, I recommend toasting SA’s incredible heritage

with a glass of our crisp MCC.”

3. Bring the heat

“Instead of using briquettes in my Weber, I much prefer using authentic charcoal (though

it’s important to make sure it is sustainably sourced). I find the smoky flavours it imparts

are much more intense and natural. I use direct heat over the coals for thinner items

(such as Farmer Angus ribeye and his amazing boerewors), and indirect heat for big


4. Wood is good

“I love a classic wood braai too. For me hardwood (ideally a thirsty alien like rooikrans) is

the best as it burns more slowly. Make sure the logs are properly dried out from any

spring showers they might’ve been caught in.”

5. Trust your gut

“There’s a lot of braai gadgetry for sale such as thermometers which I think are totally

unnecessary; humans have been braaing without them since the beginning of the time.

Rather, stand by the fire with a glass of wine, keeping an eye on the meat, and if you’re

not sure if it’s done, make an incision with a knife to find out. Daarsy!”

By choosing Spier, you are supporting Spier’s Growing for Good learning initiatives

that empower communities to create positive social and environmental change.

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