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Spoil your furkid this Christmas with Krugersdorp Animal Hospital’s First-Aid Pet Kit.

Pic credit: Stephen Fowler

South Africa is not for the faint-hearted. We have some pretty mean snakes, soaring temperatures, intense African thunderstorms and a range of flora providing a broad spectrum supply of hay fever.

Krugersdorp Animal Hospital has put together its first-ever personal furkid First-Aid kit.

Filled with a range of items to assist you in a time of emergency allowing you to be the first phase of emergency treatment before getting your beloved pet to the vet, which often can mean the difference between life and death.

Comprising of a number of items such as various types of dressing materials, a digital thermometer, gloves, a syringe, wound cleaning solution and topical treatments for wounds, antihistamines, rehydration solution, calming tablets and binding powder to bind toxins and induce vomiting.

The kit also includes a professionally constructed first aid booklet put together by their veterinary nurse, which covers a comprehensive number of first aid situations that most South African pets could experience from wound management and care to allergy reactions and management and gastrointestinal management. You will be taught basic guidelines to monitor your pet and manage the symptoms your furkid might be presenting. You will also receive the tools to handle your pet in an emergency situation, in a simple and practical manner to ensure everybody’s safety and to ensure your best friend receives the best care.

This is a MUST in every South African pet owner home. All this for the price of R550.00.

We received ours and it’s worth every cent!

Contact the practice to preorder your kit today.


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Tel: (011) 954-0107

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Krugersdorp Animal Hospital

222 Voortrekker Rd, Monument, Krugersdorp, 1739

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