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Steenberg Spa – November Summer Spa Experiences.

As the first blush of summer enlivens the farm and gardens Steenberg Spa is tempting you to invest in your wellbeing and balance. Realign and connect with your brilliant body after the uncertainty and stress of this year.

Book your favourite massage in the calm comfort of the spa or choose the scented garden and enjoy privacy, and birdsong, as your body is soothed and dynamic movement restored.

Lindsay Walmsley, Steenberg Spa Manager and experienced therapist, believes that massages offer the perfect opportunity to deeply relax, eliminate tension and realign your posture so that you can move with ease. “There is a belief that one needs a full body massage to fully benefit from a massage. However, in expert hands, results are multiplied when time is applied to areas that are most in need - releasing and unlocking the flow of energy.”

Book a massage and your therapist will expertly tailor the treatment to meet your needs.

The Bespoke Herbal Oil Massage will ease away your daily stresses. Incorporating Swedish massage techniques and soft to firm pressure, you may even drift off to sleep.

The Classic Deep Tissue Massage is suited for tense or fatigued muscles. With firm to deep pressure, it is concentrated on the different layers of muscle and helps to remove a build-up of lactic acid.

For gentler relief of muscle aches and stiffness, the deeply relaxing Hot Stone Massage is advised. In combination with your therapist’s hands, using medium pressure, Basalt stones are heated and carefully placed on the skin to melt away tension.

Best performed on localised areas of concern and known to aid with oedema, fluid retention and post-operative wound healing, the Manual Lymph Drainage Massage is a gentle and highly effective detoxifying technique. It improves the overall function of the lymphatic system, and encourages the body’s natural circulation to reduce swelling.

Bellabaci Massage or Cupping Therapy, is a modern version of the ancient technique now performed with the hands and silicone cups. Combining positive and negative pressure, the silicone cups work deep into the muscle layers, optimising lymphatic drainage and improving circulation.

For an intense deep pressure massage that also assists with lymph drainage, the Intonga Amasatchi technique uses yellow wood sticks with essential oil and shea butter, relieving tight muscles and congestion.

Boost your energy levels with the Muscle and Joint Magnesium Therapy Massage to assist with insomnia and fatigue brought on by a magnesium deficit. Hot stones and a calming focus guarantee a limber body and good night’s rest.

Whether you choose a gentle detox, deep tissue tension release or a calming touch, a massage at Steenberg Spa will leave you feeling restored and revitalised for the glorious summer ahead.

For Spa reservations and enquiries call 021 712 7481, WhatsApp on 066 029 7246 or email

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