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STYLIN’ haircare present the CREATIVE CONQUERORS city art tour 2019.

Leading hair care brand, Stylin’, is a brand synonymous with South Africans

and our unique South African story. Formerly known as Stylin’ Dredz, the

brand is all about owning individuality, styling your story and standing out in a

way that is encouraged and celebrated. It’s about living on your own terms,

creating your own world and thriving in that unique creation.

In 2018 Stylin’ introduced The Creative Conquerors- a collective of creatives in various

disciplines who have crafted their careers and seen great success doing what

they truly love. They embody the Stylin’ ethos and use their art forms, self-

expression and creativity to help reshape the world we live in. 2019 sees a new

group of Creatives Conquerors, joining the movement.

Introducing the Stylin’ City Art Tour

The 2019 Creative Conquerors have each chosen a location in and around

Johannesburg CBD needing upliftment and added their creative touch to curate

signature urban art installations.

These installations will act as landmarks for the Stylin’ City Art Tour- which is

available for the public to experience at no cost for three months. Consumers will

have the opportunity hop onto a Stylin’ Bus and take the tour to visit these

installations while learning about the inspiration behind each piece of artwork-

taking in an authentic Jozi experience, as the backdrop to the creative flair

provided by the Creative Conquerors

Meet the Creative Conquerors

Big Zulu - Born Siyabonga Nene, he is a musician who entered the entertainment

industry straight out of the taxi rank and swept through the local showbiz scene

like a tsunami, stretching his tentacles from soapies to music and TV. He is

unique for reinventing Maskandi in a rap style.

Karabo Poppy – Born Karabo Moletsane, she is an Afropolitan multi award

winning street illustrator and graphic designer. She has taken her place in

influencing our spaces through her signature cultural and afrofuturistic visuals.

Boipelo Khunou – Photographer spotted as young talent to look out for on

various platforms, and establishing herself as a powerhouse in the creative

scene. Her beauty focused shots hero hairstyles and make up.

Nikiwe Dlova - More than a hair stylist, Nikiwe is a hair artist – taking

traditional and forgotten African hairstyles and refreshing it for modern day life

– turning each style into an art piece.

Enhle Gebashe – 11-year-old fashion designer is the founder of Enhle Babes

Couture a children’s brand specializing in glamourous African prints that are

custom made. Enhle is undeniably one of SA’s youngest rising stars. She loves to

draw and design her own bespoke pieces.

Charly Makwanya - Charly has grown to become a Multidisciplinary designer

with an eye for innovation and pixel perfection. His design style is defined by a

combination of African-Europe art, which is influenced and inspired by the

perfections and imperfections of reality and nature. In most cases, his style is

guided by abstraction, emotion, human personality and attitudes, Christian

religion and morals.

Max Mogale – Max has always been fascinated by the finer details that make up

the vibrant urban landscape of youth culture. His work is renowned for its

unique style and versatility.

“Last year marked the first installation of our Stylin’ Creative Conquerors and in

2019, we have wanted to challenge the movement to go deeper in a more

impactful way, which is why our updated concept to celebrate these creates

while giving the public access and a chance to experience and engage with these

pieces. We live in a creative society, and this is a way for us as a brand to bring

our brand beliefs to life and benefit the greater community while at it. These

creatives come from different walks of life and have all played an instrumental

role within their disciplines and continue to leave a mark in the industry.”

commented Stylin’ Brand Manager, Tumiso Mathebula.

The Stylin’ City Tour commences on 5 September 2019 and will run until the end

of end of November 2019.

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