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Suit Up with a Well-Tailored Scent.

The world of fashion is like a giant playground, your chance to let your inner style superhero shine every single day. In your outfit arsenal, you've got the trusty shirts, pants, and those oh-so-stylish sneakers. But nestled between these layers of style and fun are fragrances, often the unsung heroes of your wardrobe, just like how the right suit can be your fashion armour. Together, these unsung heroes, be it the perfect suit or the ideal fragrance, form a dynamic duo that's ready to conquer the fashion world and make a statement.

Playboy Fragrances

Matching Your Suit and Fragrance Understanding your suit is the first step. Consider the colour and style – classic navy, sleek black, or trendy grey, each sets its own tone. Now, think about the mood you want to convey. Are you aiming for a formal and business-like, or a more casual, approachable vibe? The choice of fragrance should reflect this. The fun of pairing comes next. Lighter-coloured suits pair well with fresh and airy fragrances, think citrus or herbal scents. For darker suits, go for more robust choices like woody or musky fragrances. If you're feeling a little bold, try contrasting your suit and scent for a unique twist. Consider the occasion too – a daytime wedding might call for a different scent than a night out with friends. Zaweer Ebrahim, brand manager for Playboy says that your fragrance should complement your style, not steal the show. He takes us through five suit pairing ideas. Classic Navy Suit: For a timeless and elegant look, choose a fresh, clean fragrance with hints of citrus or sea breeze. This pairing is pure classic sophistication, making a lasting impression wherever you go. And for a modern touch, Playboy’s VIP New York with its aromatic scent featuring citrus elements, lemon, and cardamom notes, will seamlessly blend a contemporary vibe with your timeless style.

Playboy Fragrances

Sleek Black Suit: You can’t go wrong with a bold, confident fragrance with spicy or woody notes to match the sophistication of your black suit. Discover the Playboy Signature Collection – Presence, which infuses a sense of authority with its Woody, Oriental, and Amber notes, making your presence felt in style. Trendy Grey Suit: For a modern and approachable appearance, go for a versatile fragrance with lavender or herbal elements. This choice adds a contemporary touch to your style, making you accessible and on-trend. Casual Denim Suit: Embrace a more laid-back style with a light, fresh scent featuring hints of green or floral notes. The gentle green and floral undertones create a sense of casual elegance, making it perfect for those relaxed, yet stylish occasions. Formal Tuxedo: Elevate your elegance and a touch of luxury with a deep, rich fragrance that incorporates musky or leather undertones.

Ebrahim leaves us with one last tip: “Before you step out, apply your chosen fragrance lightly and let it settle for a few minutes. If it feels right, you're good to go.”

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