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SWATCH SKIN Irony is here... and it is exactly the collection we have been waiting for!

The toughest SKIN comes to life in these tough yet slim designs, ready to make you shine from the office to the mountains. From casual to sporty and leather to silicone, for the Future Classics SKIN Irony collection has all the details count, and you will sure be ready to impress every minute of your day.

In line with the SKIN philosophy, the SKIN Irony collection is a design statement of pure and minimalistic appearance, which is meant to target a masculine audience. But ladies do not fret because the line is completely unisex.

The attention to detail has a largely impactful feeling, where by the colours used in this collection have been minimised to make the choice more sophisticated and appealing to the businessmen and women alike.

There are 3 design directions in the collection which addresses the concepts of the primarily stylish and sophisticated man and woman. The design is specifically targeting those who prefer to gave a modern and slim watch and in doing so aligning the line of collection to make it the perfect go-to unisex watch. They have been created to also address current fashions and trends by combining a contemporary mindset with a sporty approach when choosing the colours, styles and forms.

There are 8 watches in the SA collection so far, but for now let me introduce you to the unisex, fashionable and trendy range, SKIN Irony.









We are absolute in love with this range, taking a more sophisticated approach when coming to watch collections. This different majorly when compared to the last collection, the Mediterranean view collection.

Get you SWATCH SKIN Irony watch today…..

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