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Few things go together like chocolate and Valentine's Day. Giving and receiving chocolate has become one of the most popular ways to commemorate the day of love. Indeed, according to romantics purchase more than 26 million kilograms of chocolate during Valentine's Day week.

Now, for those who want to offer their loved one something slightly different but still chocolate themed, local toffee manufacturers Darling Sweet has launched their chocolate toffee flavour - adding a ninth new flavour to their already popular range - and just in time for Valentine's Day.

Says Darling Sweet's co-founder and product developer Hentie van der Merwe: "Everyone loves getting a box of chocolates for Valentine's Day so what better way to jazz things up a notch this year than by swapping traditional chocolates for chocolate toffees!

For the record, the first recorded link between chocolate and love dates back to the Aztecs, whose infamous emperor Montezuma was rumored to have chewed on cocoa beans in order to fuel his romantic trysts.

But while chocolate does contain certain chemicals that affect the brain's pleasure and reward centres, most scientists agree that the amount of these chemicals present in chocolate is too small to have any marked effect on desire.

Still, as they say, it's the thought that counts so this year if you want to think of something different to tuck into that bunch of red roses, then make sure it's a box of Darling Sweet chocolate toffees.  And while you're at it, why not get a box for yourself too?

Other toffee flavours available from Darling Sweet include bird's eye chili, coffee, mint, liquorice, honey & salt, rooibos chai, orange & cranberry and Tannie Evita's classic. All come in brand new, eye-catching packaging which was designed by UK-based South African artist Peter Mammes.

Darling Sweet's 150g boxes retail at R57 and are available online at or from selected outlets countrywide.

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