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The Future has arrived early, and its yours to claim.

John Sanei & Dr Iraj Abedian are mic dropping on South Africa’s COVID-reality with their new, everything-but-fragile, curiously-controversial book release – FutureNEXT

John Sanei, futurist and prolific author of South Africa’s provocative Future paperback series, is soon to release his third in the COVID Future epiphanies, called FutureNEXT, together with co-author and leading influential economist, Dr Iraj Abedian. Shaped by the latest research on futurism by Sanei and the profound economic thinking of Abedian, FutureNEXT aims to give readers the right mindset and tools needed to approach the future with confidence and clarity, and in so doing, forge a new reality that is truly just, sustainable, and prosperous.

The book sees two time-travellers fully immersing themselves in the raw truth about the choices we make: choosing to become a by-product of COVID or choosing to become a FutureNEXT activator.

The narrative deep dives into the reality and possibilities that exist in a post-pandemic society, removing ‘outcome’ and ‘survival’ from its mix,” says Sanei. “It’s a real account of what is, and what still can be.”

These days, the future is being reimagined on the daily, and according to Sanei and Abedian what our “Future” will look like, act like, dress like and or lead global economies like boils down to two archetypes: The Dramatist and The Creator.    

Through COVID, these two opposing forces have risen boldly to the occasion in a tug of war. According to Sanei, we’ve witnessed – and maybe even contributed to – one or the other. The Dramatist is the angry, victimised, news-channel monger that plays to the drama triangle of bad, worse and, in extreme cases, #canteven. The Creator is “the possibilist”; the one that empathises and resolves; the one that chooses to see opportunity before entrapment. Both are right. Both are necessary, and both are required to meet in the centre of uncertainty and have a conversation.  

FutureNEXT addresses our ailing world where Dramatist and Creator are vying for their position in this “new normal”; in doing so, the frequency of the world is experiencing extreme fatigue, causing havoc externally, and internally. FutureNEXT is the prognosis towards socio-economic balance while Sanei and Abedian focus their attention on responding to what we now know, in order to reimagine the Future.

FutureNEXT is a no-nonsense, all practical anecdote that cuts the bull and gets straight to the facts, all the while evoking feelings of courage and consciousness. It questions public policy, it debunks leadership, it unravels perspective and it lights up the brain with hope.

Equipping individuals with concrete guidelines to thriving through the challenge, Sanei and Abedian hope to harness a post pandemic society that opts in to a less angry, less anxious, more practical, more responsible and more curious way of existing. This is what the Future should look like.

Set to be even more thought provoking than its predecessors FutureHOW and FutureNOW, FutureNEXT is proudly a Burnet Media release. The book is available on pre-order from Takealot at and promises to be a page turner that unequivocally, irrevocably, still believes in a wiser world.

Want a closer look? The official launch event takes place on 19 November 2020 in Cape Town at 18h30 and is set to be a hybrid spectacular with Sanei and Abedian appearing live on stage with a giant LED Zoom Wall. There are also live seats in the auditorium available. Register your place here: and see details after you register.

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