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The perks of OLEDs for gaming with LG.

The magic of OLED TVs and the brilliant visual quality they produce has made them an increasingly attractive option for gamers in recent years. These TVs have become even more appealing as manufacturers have invested in finding ways to expand the technology to bigger screen sizes. Electronics designer and manufacturer LG Electronics has one of the best OLED ranges on the market and its newly added G-Sync support means that LG OLED TVs can now deliver their incredible visual experience on screen sizes of up to 77 inches.

With many gaming trend spotters recommending the LG OLED range as their top choice for gaming screens, it’s worth asking what makes them such a great option.

Better response

The immensely detailed worlds in many popular games place high demands on displays to keep up. OLED TVs have high contrast ratios, lightning-fast response rates, and low input-lags, which means the display requirements for gaming are easily met, and they’re an excellent choice for console gamers.

Product marketing specialist for Home Entertainment at LG Electronics SA Chazelle Raubenheimer says that part of what makes G-Sync so exceptional is the smooth gaming experience it offers by reducing screen tearing or stuttering, which happens when display refresh rates can’t match a game’s frame rate.

Bigger sizes

Gamers have previously been limited to specific models of gaming monitors, which tend to be much smaller than 4K TVs. Now, with the G-Sync addition, households can invest in one, larger-sized TV for both their recreational and sports viewing and their gaming adventures.

Perfect black

OLED technology produces extreme picture detail that makes colors brighter and black more intense, a far cry from the grey-toned black that older LCD screens display. The black effect increases the immersion users feel while gaming. This intensity and superior visual experience of OLED means that it offers gamers something that other TV technologies aren’t able to.

So whether you’re on the hunt for one yourself of are looking for the perfect gift for a gamer, an OLED TV could be just the tool for deep diving into all the incredible gaming worlds out there, from the comfort of home.

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