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The Reflections Collection.

Women of today wear many hats and seem to be juggling way too many balls at once. It

can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming! From hearing that your daughter has to dress as

a superhero the afternoon before civvies day, to continuously updating the never-ending

grocery list on your cell phone. Then planning what you need to make for dinner, and not

forgetting your tots birthday in a month’s time that needs planning! To top it all off, giving most of your energy to the boss at work who gave you an unrealistic deadline.

We know what you are going through ladies and you are not alone! Enter Sugar & Vice’s l

atest range of Abstract Minimalist Faces inspired by the journey of female personal growth. It can be tough, beautiful, painful, glorious and all the things in between. Sugar & Vice want to pay homage to women who are imperfectly perfect. We see the women who are challenging themselves, acknowledging their imperfections and facing forward

through it all.

Natalie’s mission is to create thought-provoking functional art, to encourage women to

look in the mirror and reflect. Whether it’s initiating hard conversations with themselves or

just being mindful in order to encourage personal growth, body positivity and self-acceptance.

Being a mother of two herself, and a self made entrepreneur after (or surviving or

conquering) two retrenchments, she reflects on her own personal life and turns her

experiences into inspiring stories through her art. She hopes that women will find the

illustrations relatable and encourage growth and self-love.

The Reflections Collection is a curated range of illustrated, ceramic mugs, jars, trinket trays, bowls, activity journals, art prints, greeting cards and hanging planters.

*All of the above mentioned products can be shopped at, Zando & Takealot


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