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The right Kicks to help you conquer the world...An athleisure brand for the go-getters & thrill-seek

If you haven’t heard about Kicks Sportswear already, listen up! Kicks is a proudly

and authentically African feel-good sportswear brand that offers a unique and competitive alternative to global sportswear brands, and it’s set to shake things up.

Sammy Mhaule, the founder of Kicks Sportswear shares the intention behind his brand, “As an entrepreneur, I am proud to have been part of creating this amazing new sportswear brand, from Africa to the world. The company was founded out of passion for beautiful sportswear that’s a pleasure to wear; a comfortable sportswear design to boost

and motivate.”

Combining the best of style and function, Kicks Sportswear is designed for a generation of go-getters and thrill-seekers who have an appetite for new adventures and experiences, enabling them to seamlessly transition from work to the gym and whatever is next in their hustle.

“We see a movement taking place as more young people are looking to nature and the gym to find balance and recharge from their busy lives. To answer that call, we’ve created sneakers and apparel that speaks to their sense of urban style while also delivering performance when they need it,” says Mhaule.

Kicks specialises in sports apparel, sneakers/trainers and accessories that meet its consumers’ diverse needs, with its product range varying from everyday leisure items to more durable athletic goods. Whatever your sportswear preference, Kicks products guarantee competitive quality and price points.

The product range includes male, female and unisex sneakers in an array of different colours, as well as flip flops, backpacks, a range of socks, and a unisex sports buff with ear loops. As a brand that aspires to champion innovation, Kicks is planning on expanding and adding new products to its already impressive start up line. Whether you’re a fitness fanatic, a serious sneakerhead, or both, Kicks is there for you.

Mhaule concludes, “The Kicks® story goes far beyond the sneakers, apparel and accessories that we produce. As part of our mission to bring meaningful change, we have the ambition to provide employment opportunities for 1000 South Africans by 2023 through our #1000JOBCREATION initiative. By supporting Kicks, you become part of that


To get your Kicks on, you can shop online at, with physical stores launching soon.

Keep an eye on social media:

Twitter: @kickssports_sa

Instagram: @kickssports_sa


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