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The Steenberg experience offers a taste of heritage.

In celebration of Heritage Month this September, guests visiting Steenberg Farm can delight in two authentic South African dishes, which through their aromatic flavours, give one an immersive experience into the region. With its opulent decor, spectacular views, world-class wines, and exceptional cuisine, this property promises guests an unforgettable experience.

Heritage Day/Month has become one of the most significant events on the South African calendar, marking a time for citizens from diverse backgrounds to come together and celebrate how much we have progressed as a rainbow nation. What better place to celebrate this momentous occasion than at Steenberg, a remarkable hidden gem in the Cape's Constantia Wine Valley, with a history dating back to the 1600s.

While it remains a tradition to celebrate the day with a braai, Steenberg is offering guests a selection of two Heritage Day spoils – an authentic and flavoursome pickled fish taco served with avo pulp, shallot and tomato salsa, curry oils and garlic aioli will be available at Bistro Sixteen82.

As well as a decadent, creamy milk tart with a tamarind and pineapple ice cream, pineapple salsa and rosemary infused syrup served at Tryn Restaurant. Inspired by Executive Chef Kerry Klipin and her team, Kerry says two different taste sensations await guests visiting the respective restaurants this September. “I wanted to showcase our heritage in two different ways. Bistro Sixteen82’s dish was a collaboration between all of our chefs. For the majority of our team, pickled fish is something very traditional and part of their heritage. I was looking for a fun an interactive way to involve my entire team in re-creating this dish. The ethically sourced fish we serve at our restaurants is an absolute favourite amongst our guests and our team therefore, fish became the obvious choice.”

She continues: “At the time when we developed the recipe, it was Easter, and pickled fish was top of mind, yet I knew very little about making pickled fish. I decided that there was no better way to develop such an iconic recipe than to incorporate the input from my team. They shared personal stories about how their family members used different spices and methods to make their pickled fish the very best. And, after lots of experimenting and taste tests across the kitchen team, we created Bistro Sixteen82’s pickled fish.”

Kerry continues: ‘’Whereas at Tryn, I decided to take a different approach and share a bit of my own heritage with our guests. I thought what better way to do so than by drawing inspiration from my childhood, where I grew up on a dairy and pineapple farm. The traditional milk tart is a firm South African favourite, true to our heritage, therefore I decided to build a dessert around those classic flavours.”

Visit Tryn's contemporary-styled restaurant with its bold and modern interior, breathtaking views and relaxed atmosphere, or Bistro Sixteen82 with its tapas and bistro-style restaurant for a truly unique Heritage Month experience.

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