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There's more to scent than just the smell.

Did you know that your mood can be affected by the smells around you?

Whether you realise it or not, taking a deep breath of a citrus scent like orange, grapefruit or lemon can be both energising and uplifting. It’s an all-round scent and taste experience to attract energy, brightness, cheer and refreshment, like sparkling, sweet sunshine in a bottle!

Geraldine Augustine-Darwood from perfume brand Gold Series says, "that while the link is sometimes made between fragrance and emotion, it’s proven that our sense of smell is linked to the part of our brain that controls emotional responses, meaning that by the time our brain has identified a certain smell, like lavender, the fragrance has already triggered an emotional response like confidence, relaxation or joy. Of course, if you had a memory associated with the scent, like your mother used to wear a lavender scent, then you’d feeling an even stronger reaction."

As we move into the warmer months, Augustine-Darwood suggests looking for fragrances that contain the following scents for a positive effect on your mood:

Citrus notes

The fragrance of citrus is calming and promotes concentration, especially when you might be feeling anxious. Spritzing a scent like Beverly Hills from Gold Series will help promote calm whilst still invigorating the senses. In addition to the scent, using lemon in hot drinks additionally boosts the body’s immune system and helps with sore throats.


The scent of lavender can have a soothing effect on your nerves which work to help anxiety and headaches. A few drops of lavender is a wonderful addition to your evening bath, or even your bed linen to ensure a restful night’s sleep.


Jasmine, as you’ve probably experienced when walking past a flowering Jasmine bush, has an incredibly uplifting scent used to help conjure feelings of optimism, confidence and positivity. Augustine-Darwood suggests choosing a scent that embodies Jasmine, like the Gold Series Serendipity perfume.


Although sometimes seen as a scent for colder months, the stimulating properties in cinnamon are substantial enough to be used all year round. A cinnamon scent can help improve concentration and focus as well as combat mental fatigue, or even add it to your morning coffee or tea for the same effect.

Ultimately, scent can affect our mood, concentration, memory recall, and emotion, all of which govern our daily lives. Augustine-Darwood suggests choosing a perfume or body spray fragrance that aids in lifting your mood and balancing the sometimes overwhelming influence of the world around us.

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